Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mikimilo The Star - #mikimilostar314


Hello again, this night i really surprised because i get the new opportunity from Mikimilo.com to be the next icon of Mikimilo called Mikimilo Star! Mikimilo.com is an online based fashion store that all girls search for! They have amazing collections and the interesting thing from Mikimilo is all the products are organized by Mikimilo. So they don't sell any other brands that you might be found at the mall and almost people will not have the same collection as others. I think as a fashion blogger, i really love their concept because almost we know that almost online stores are selling other famous brands from the mall at their websites. I think it's too mainstream! Mikimilo makes all brands to get another shining spotlights. Mikimilo also posted some fashion inspirations on their website which is so good, because all designs and products were getting inspired from the latest trend from fashion industry.

My skin is actually getting tanner because lately i walk a lot and for some reason i really like to get tanner. The photo did i post for Mikimilo was a pretty few months ago and i still look freaking pale. Hopefully when the photoshoot with Mikimilo is going to be start, there is no acne and breaking out on my skin. Damn puberty sometimes ruin our life, agree with that? But i really glad to accept this opportunity because i got chosen from over than 200+ girls on instagram and more than 2,000+ photos that already posted and tagged to Mikimilo. I hope i can work well with other winners and make Mikimilo gets more introduced to Public!

Thanks for the thumbs up as well on my photo, especially for my photo did i tag to Mikimilo! All of you deserve my virtual hugs and kisses, i hope all of you also get your own luck! Don't forget to work hard, not just believe on something that you want to get! 

Good luck and God Bless!


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