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Random : 50 Random Facts about Me - Margareta Vania

50 Random Facts about Me!
This post inspired from the random tag by Gabriella Olivia
  1. I am a shy person especially to meet new people.
  2. I am going crazy, talkative, and being easy going after i get comfortable with you!
  3. I don't like to protect my image in over reacted act, i just act like the way i am.
  4. Sometimes i can't hear some of my friends' sounds if they are whispering to me, i know i am bad.
  5. But i can hear people talk about me even they are 5 feets (or more) away than me and exactly know what words which they are saying about.
  6. I have 9 drawers full of makeup products.
  7. My vanity table is so small, maybe same as the bedside table in your bedroom.
  8. I always do skin care at night before i sleep, around 4-5 steps every night.
  9. I don't have a walking closet because i am afraid that my clothes'll get dusty.
  10. I am graduated from a professional modeling school when i was 16 year old and it was because of my mom.
  11. I always like to be busy everyday so i can forget the negative things which happened in my life.
  12. I don't have a boyfriend because my parents are not allowing me to have a boyfriend.
  13. I have more than 30 hats - beanie or snapbacks.
  14. I love to wear red and orange lipsticks.
  15. My favorite colors in the moment are black, white, red, cream and pink.
  16. I love to wear long sleeve shirts or outers.
  17. I have a yellow tan skin for now.
  18. I really love to wear sunblock and bb cream everyday.
  19. I am perfectionist in everything that i do, i mean i really love to do my best! Even tho the result is not really nice, so i can still happy about the process. That's the right thing to do!
  20. I also love to buy everything from my own money or from my savings.
  21. I love to wear pants more than a skirt.
  22. I only have one best friend, her name is Lisa because she never believes in fake rumors about me.
  23. I got bullied and cyber bullied in junior high and high school because i made a fashion blog and like a boy for the longest time, so i have a big trauma to people who act that they are really nice in front of me.
  24. I was not fashionable and i didn't know how to look pretty when i was in Junior high and High school.
  25. I am a friendly person but yet quite to new people.
  26. I can exactly know when you or my friends are lying to me.
  27. I really love to clean and organize everything.
  28. Everything in my bag is organized.
  29. I really love to take photos.
  30. I really love chinese noodles.
  31. I love green tea and milk tea.
  32. I can speak native in Indonesia and English, a little bit in Mandarin.
  33. I can speak in Korean as well but i am still studying again at Korean Cultural Centre from the Embassy of South Korea.
  34. I can sleep almost everywhere.
  35. I put a lotion so i can sleep by smelling the good aroma.
  36. I love to read books.
  37. I really love to having a debate (in study)
  38. I am not careless at all, but i don't like to be care to new people except to help them in urgent situations.
  39. I have dark brown eyes.
  40. I hate when people ask me to help them and they ignore me when i need them or talk to them.
  41. I feel sad if i see hateful comments and then forget those after 15 minutes. Show must go on and haters need to comeback to their own home.
  42. I write everything about my next dreams which i need to achieve before i die on many sticky notes and put those to the wall in front of my desk.
  43. I have bad vision, i have minus on my both eyes. Yes, i wear glasses!
  44. I collect shoes, sunglasses, hats/beanies/snapbacks, and makeup.
  45. I learn english in different accents (british, american, and singaporean)
  46. I have 4D character that randomly goes out in front of people.
  47. I really love to write all achievements which i got, inside my own document so i don't get forget in every moments. My achievement included in the portfolio at this blog....those are just some of my achievements (no arrogant tone at all).
  48. When someone shared her or his secret, it is going to be safe! Because i am going forget on the next day but after you remembering me again, i am going to remember the whole thing!
  49. I can't coloring my hair because of my mom hates it.
  50. I love to learn everything from people who are better than me, so that's why some people called me a girl who likes to do almost everything in her life.

Good luck and God Bless!


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