Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 2014 : All Time Favorites

Flawless doll makeup by me
Cute Alien Choker from Lunar Cult

Natural makeup by me
Long sleeve basic top from ZARA

Smurf Choker from Blooming Slowly by Bunga Deviani
Moon Choker from Lunar Cult

Amazing handmade necklace that i wore as a multiple bracelet. I personally love to wear this combined with my simple long sleeve top from ZARA.
Originally from Hanake Label (facebook) , start to order now!

After save my own money and almost more than 8 months wait for this baby to be mine.
Givenchy Bambi Tshirt and The Polkadots Makeup bag.

Finally another favorite items which i love to share with all of you. Some of the stuffs were sent to me by mail for free, the rest stuffs i bought by my own money. Lately i work my ass off to get this Bambi tshirt. I know it's not the Givenchy's newest collection but well at least i have this cutie pie for my next essential wardrobe. Nice cotton silk tshirt because i can style it with formal, casual, and semi formal fashion style. So proud of my self finally i get this without crying and ask my parents to buy it for me. 

Btw i really want to say thank you for Rexona Indonesia because the biggest and fun opportunity to work with them at least for 1 month straight to help them to publish and spread their campaign. Because of them, i have enough savings for now. Well to earn money it's not easy at all, it's such an ordinary thing for me to do a part time job with some brand or office. At least we need to learn how to be the real independent woman. Agree?


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Good luck and God Bless!


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