Monday, May 19, 2014

FASHION PLUS 2014 - Seminar & Talk Show featured Margareta Vania

I only shared the invitations on my facebook, twitter, and also instagram. I didn't make any announcement on my blog because i even didn't have a time to open my laptop and open up my blog. This is an event organized by The A Team Management x Remaja Ceria DKI Jakarta (Youth and Sport Ambassador of DKI Jakarta - pageant). Thank you for all sponsors and media partners! 

Also, I clearly want to say thank you for people who came, who asked questions to me, who said hi, and took pictures with me. All of you are my newest friends and i really appreciate all of you in the way you express yourself through  fashion. Thank you for people from LOOKS Magazine Indonesia who came to this event. 

I also met new friends there such as haris, rahmat, rangga moela (as known as a singer from smash, fashionista, and a creative person), and so on. In fashion industry we can't be picky to be friends with. We accept everyone to be fashion partners, so we can share about any infos each other. Glad that everyone were sitting at the catwalk area and listening to the talk show. I know, just admit that almost Indonesians hate to read and listen to the seminar. So thank you to all of you because you were being patient! HAHAHA.

For the next post, i am going to write about the newest local brand named ED-JEH by Rangga Moela. Curious about the quick info behind ED-JEH? Please stay tune and come back soon!

Another Latest Update :
Another White Jeans


Good luck and God Bless!


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