Monday, May 5, 2014

I Bring Out Redness to New York City

Outer and Black inner - Local Store at Jakarta, Necklace - FLOSHOP, Skirt - Manner Queen Shop, Shoes - Marie Claire

Probably you will ask me why i don't take outdoor fashion shoots for my fashion blog posts lately. The answer is because i don't have a time to do that. My friend Lisa also has different schedule as me, when i can go probably she can't go with me to take some photo shoots. I have full schedule and only have a break for 2 days. Friday and Sunday are my best friends because i can rest my body into my lovely sleeping beauty time. So is it that important an outdoor background for you? The point is sharing my fashion inspiration to you, not just the background.

Comeback to this fashion post. I really love white, black, and red. So all of those colors are being here. The contrast and how powerful these colors are. Also movie grain effects on some photos are the best to remembering the broadway era from New York City. I really want to go to New York City if i have a chance in the future. I really want to see how busy the new yorkers are. 

By the way my necklace is coming from FLOSHOP. An online store that you can find a great quality handmade or homemade industry accessories in town. Not really expensive and all worth it! 



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