Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lime Green Dress

Necklace - La Dulce, Dress - Briele House, Strappy Heels - Payless, Fedora hat - UNIQLO

I never have a super back less dress before because i am skinny and i never feel comfortable to show the whole back. But after i am done taking these photos, i think i fall in love with super low back / back less dress. Also, this is my first time to have a lime green dress. I feel so polish and super lady alike. Lately, i dressed up really girly because of some events which i attended. By the way check Briele House if you want to search this kind of dresses or any model of skirts. They have amazing stuffs and inspired handmade fashion items. So high quality and i never feel any regret to wear this dress just like this or with my black blazer [click here for the look with black blazer].


Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. Aaaaa, really like the dress dear
    love it :)

  2. woaa love the color of ur dress <3

  3. This color and cut look wonderful on you! Also your poses look so elegant and calm, I love the whole look and feel of this outfit. Great share!

  4. so pretty margaret ! suka warna dressnya <3

  5. You're wearing my favorite color!!!

    <333 so beautiful!!


  6. love this lime green dress! look so elegant

  7. cantik sekali, i'm following you know.. i will check your instagram :)

  8. love the dress and your hat :)

    thanks for visiting my blog....

    Love, Leonita