Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Margareta Vania Interviewed Rangga Moela [ED-JEH]

I believe a lot of people already know him. He is being known as a singer or a member of SMASH. But beside of his popularity as musician, singer, and actor, i personally really like his sense in mix and match fashion items. I think the brilliant ideas always come out from his brain. He is Rangga Moela. A talented young man yet humble in the same time. Yes, we did a little chit and chat to talk about his clothing line. Sadly i need to went back home faster, summary of Michael C. Williams was waiting at home [dilemma of International Relations student]. I feel so great when he said "i am going to join the INFARE part 3 event, are you joining as well?", because i also gonna go there and say hi to my blogger fellas. Feeling bad again because i don't have free schedule for this semester, so i can't join INFARE again. I want to grab some pieces from his design.

I believe he already started his carrier since he was young, he is being mature enough for now. He always supports Indonesia's fashion industry. Because of his dedication into this industry, finally... He introduced his own clothing line. His concept for now is producing and creating wearable fashion items such as clothes, sweater, sweatshirt, pants, clutch or bag, and so on. All of the designs are so simple / minimalist yet creative in the same time. This style is being it owns brand signature. Let's call all of these designs are edgy enough to young people. That's why he called his clothing line with the name ED-JEH. This brand is being our newest local brand and a lot of people are showing their supports for this 2 months old brand new clothing line. Also, he sponsored the models from FASHION PLUS 2014 event to wore ED-JEH collections.

My favorite basics are absolutely monochrome with the touch of statement pieces, i think it turns to be so awesome and amazing! Good luck for this brand! Can't wait to meet my newest dearest fashionista friend, Rangga Moela at INFARE! Thanks for being nice to me, although we are new for each other.

Another Latest Update :
Another White Jeans


Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. You were so cuteee! I loved the dress!

    Following you!


  2. I'm absolutely loving your outfit! You simply rock that hat :)
    xx Tina

    Style Sinners

  3. I was there too on saturday!
    you look chic and edgy at the same time :D

    followed your blog :)

    Mr. Rebel in Town

    1. I hope i can meet you at infare ka fahad, everytime i knew that you were coming to an event... i already went home first.
      I also know some lspr friends who work at lspr modeling. This is a small world. So i hope we can know each other soon!


  4. so many monochrome outfits there <3
    great review btw