Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Journey in Jakarta - Chillin with Him

 Coffee Shop at Kota Kasablanka Mall

The Goods Cafe - in front of The Goods Dept. at Pacific Place, Central of Jakarta

Urban Kitchen at Central Park Mall, West Jakarta

Just some of my photos update when i go out with him. Lately i often to go with him for a walk, having some quality time, and buy some meals. I mean, i don't have any free days. In reality i used to catch my schedule everyday which means i don't have any single time to hang out. I have so many works to get done. But every time i have a little time break this man always asked for a walk and we talk a lot about our dreams.

We are going to be separated for one year, so it will be hard. I think, i am going to see him next year in summer time. Using technology to communicate is the only way to keep in touch. Different country, different nationality, but we meet at the same place. I just hope for the best because he is going to finished 1 year at his university until he is getting his diploma degree and grows up his own business or company. Same as me! I need to study harder, improving my scores, improving my korean language duh!, get done all my works, more active on blogging, and modeling.

A little journey with my new friend, my new member of family, and my new person in my life. Thank you! I learn so many things from you as well. A hard work spirit and look forward to the bright future.

from me.

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. aww you two look so adorbale tgt! wishing the best for both of u >< anyway i love your casual style! looking gorgeous as always :3

    1. thank you for the compliment! Yes, i hope so because it's hard for waitng 1 year lol.

  2. cieeee you two are so cute! all the best for both of you guys!

    Pudding Monster