Saturday, June 14, 2014

Asian Dream Cup 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia - RUNNING MAN

VIDEO DIARY | Asian Dream Cup 2014

Edited and Directed by : Margareta Vania | Location : Gelora Bung Karno | Event : Asian Dream Cup 2014 in Jakarta 
Music by : Psy ft. Hyunah - Gangnam Style | Casts : Park Ji Sung and friends + Running Man members + Indonesia's All Stars
Finally i am updating a new event post from Asian Dream Cup 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia. I got a free ticket and access from BinusTv. No need to spent any cash. How epic was that? The event was so fun and amazing. My first experience ever to saw Gelora Bung Karno had special lighting effects for music performance as well. As you know Judika and Crayon Pop were singing some songs there.
I couldn't film it from the beginning until the end of the event because i was going upstairs and downstairs. I went over here and over there. I was such a maniac. I was really happy to see Monday couple (Song Ji Hyo and Kang Gary) in real life. I also posted a video on my instagram and facebook when i saw them in a close distance. (click here to see!)
My friend from BinusTv actually promised me about getting the press access. But he didn't put my name on the list, i was so pissed off. The security was yelling at me "where is your reporter card, you can't get in even though you have your press card. You need the reporter card from Asian Dream Cup staff!" I was mad, so mad. Plus, i had a internet talk show with Pond's so i was handling two things in the same time. Hate those things! 
Luckily i had another free access to went in the venue. It was such an epic experience by the way to got free access to this event. I could see them when they went to their cars with all police men around their cars.


Good luck and God Bless!


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