Monday, June 30, 2014

Beauty Review : POND'S White Beauty x Margareta Vania

I should review these products since last month, but i was really freaking busy at my university. I was making video projects, like a lot. So better be late than nothing. I need to spread out some great things about these beauty products.

POND'S White Beauty Day Cream

It gives us powdery finish, remembering me of Etude House Face Conditioning Cream. Another dupe as well for base makeup / skin care at the same time. It smells really nice, i will say "it smells like a rose". If you are not the type of girl that loves beauty products with fragrances, well this is not suitable for you. This product need to be applied on your skin in the morning or in the evening after you clean up your face. You can use this product as your moisturizer or base makeup in the same time.

POND'S White Beauty Night Cream 

It gives nice moisturized skin finish and dewy look after you applied it on your face. I think, it's worth the price. The drugstore price is affordable and the result is kinda nice. I think it's a dupe of Etude House product. But as you know to get Etude House moisturizer in Indonesia, it's way more expensive because it's imported from South Korea. (Except you order it online) But if you want to search a moisturizer that really suitable for all skin type with reasonable price, try this! 

If both of these products make your skin goes break out or gets an allergic, do not continue to apply these products to your skin, sensitive skin area, or the whole face! Go to the dermatologist or skin specialist to get a control.

Start to get yours at your local drug store, beauty supplies store, mini market, or super market. Make sure you buy the real POND'S White Beauty Series, not the fake one.

For more information you can go to their official website:


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Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. I always use their cleansing products..the wipes and good!!

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