Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 2014 : Mini Fashion Items Haul #1

HAUL | Mini Fashion Items Haul #1

My "NOT KENZO" - Parody designer t-shirt is coming from OFFDAHOOK #WEAROFFDAHOOK

This is my newest updated Haul, first Haul in 2014. I know it's late but i am going to make this as Haul series on my channel and i will updated as well on my blog. All of these are coming from Local Store from Indonesia and i bought all of these with my own money. I am working on campaign and blog so i get the money from that. 

I am going to make YOUTUBE SERIES, here they are :

HAUL | Mini Fashion Items Haul (Per episode)
HAUL | Mini Beauty Products Haul (Per episode)
(MONTHLY) FAVORITES | Fashion & Beauty Stuffs (Per month)

RANDOM | [Updated] What's in my school bag?
RANDOM | [Updated] What's in my bag?
RANDOM | DIY Room Decor
RANDOM | [Updated] Room Tour

BEAUTY | Beauty Products Empties
BEAUTY | My Daily Hair Routine
BEAUTY | My Daily Makeup Routine

FASHION | [Updated] Look Book / OOTD

EDUCATION | (Educational Video from my project as International Relations student.)

VLOG | (I will make an updated vlog with me talking about event that i attend.)
VIDEO DIARY | (I will make an updated video diary every time i go travel or go to an epic event.)

SONG COVER | (I will make an updated song cover on various artists, but i record this when i am in a good mood to sing. I don't want to crack my voice.)

I am still working as a blogger and also i am also student. I never leave this blogger world because i am growing up to make my blog better day by day. I really want to make the content more educational in the theme of my blog which are mainly about fashion and beauty. So if some of you ask "Now you are being a youtuber, you just follow somebody else." No! I am still comfortable writing on blog post rather than recording a video to be honest. But admit it, a lot of people also hate to read! They come to my blog only want to see the pictures not the real content. I just want to make it easier to talk in front of camera and you just need to listen to my story or tips that you can filter to your brain. I am not forcing anyone to watch, but Indonesia young generations also need this kind of movement. On youtube, everyone sees fashion and beauty gurus who are coming from US. Just a little community from all of them are actually Indonesians.

I hope from this kind of movement, i can still update my blog post combined with youtube videos update. I hope all of you are not getting boring to see usual blog post where you only can see pictures and sentences. I hope all of you can support this movement as well!


  1. You are so professional in this video and this baseball jacket is fabulous!
    And I have the same sunglasses:)

  2. I'm falling in love with the crop top jacket >.<


  3. I was also a youtuber, but i deactivate my chanel because of some reason, maybe that's what people call cyber bullying :(
    But you're awesome margaret, love ya !! Keep updating !!

    1. I also got cyber bullying by my friends when i was in Junior High School and High School because i posted my dance cover video for a competition. I deleted all the videos and then i started from zero again. Pretty sad, because people who bullied me exactly can't do nothing in their life. :(

      So do something which can make you happy natalia, they don't worth your time. They are not feeding you since you were born. They are not worth to be in your life. They just strangers who act nosy and act they know us.


  4. Amazing haul video.Would you like to follow each other via GFC , Bloglovin & Google+
    to keep in touch? Lemme know! & take care!


  5. great video! :D
    what about follow each other?
    let me know :)
    have a nice day

  6. great video kak vaniaa!<3

    xx, angel.

  7. nice video *_* i like your sunglasses!