Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Journey in Jakarta - VIDEO DIARY | Seaworld and Dufan Experience 2014

VIDEO DIARY | Seaworld and Dufan Experience 2014

Watch in HD!

Edited and Directed by : Margareta Vania | Location : Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (Ancol Dream Land), North Jakarta
Music by : Zedd - Clarity | Casts : Margareta Vania, Lisa Stefanny, Devi, and Anna

This video is on the playlist, play another video diaries made by me as well.

I did tell you long time ago that i had a new friend from Germany. Her name is Anna, She is now already coming back to her country so i really want to make a video diary that remembering me about our experience. We (me, anna, lisa, and lisa's sister named devi) went to Seaworld and Dufan Ancol. Maybe some of you might think that our travel this time is kinda cheap. But no way! As a great Indonesian, i need to introduce some tourists' destinations here as well in Jakarta. Anna never had time to go to Seaworld before, so that time was her first time. Especially she knew that there are a lot of different species (fishes) came from Asian Countries. I hope all of you like my video diary update! Do not forget to subscribe to my youtube channel to see more updates from me. I will upload new video diaries, haul, and more videos on youtube. 


  1. so much fun! hey, I love your blog <3
    anyway, how about following each other?

    sweet and sugars,

  2. I'm amazed... I mean like... you can manage your time really well, editing videos, updating your blog and keep up with campus. Keep up the good work!<3
    great video by the way ;D


    1. Thank you gab! You too, you always be everyone's inspiration. You dare to be different and not give a damn care to people who always insult you at your back. I know, sometime we also feel sad about that, but yea not all people like us. No one in this world can be trusted 100%, so trust on your self is being the nicest choice. KEEP THE GOOD WORK as well <3