Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Random : 1 Year as International Relations Student

One year already i am being the International Relations student at Bina Nusantara University aka Binus University. Honestly to choose International Relations, i expect many things but not really expect difficulties will happen in my study journey. Learning in International Relations major is not as easy as i thought. We learn almost every single thing. If people just see domestic problem or issues which are happening or did happen in the past, we all IR Students are actually learning to see domestic and international things (problem/issues, politic, economy, and many more).

To get a perfect GPA or IPK in Indonesian (4,00), it is really hard because the range scores in Binus University is high enough. But i don't say that i can't reach that if i work hard, i believe i can. You also can! Still, it's hard enough so everyone needs to fight for their own scores.

Range scores in Binus University are :
85-100 = A
75-84 = B
65-74 = C
50-64 = D
<50 = E

The bad thing is when a person gets 84, her score will be in a grade B and just need 1 point to get an A! Crazy! I did experience that before. You can't apply scholarship as well if you get C in your score but in any of your semester, example : one girl is getting a perfect GPA 4,00 for the 2nd semester but in the past, in her 1st semester she got C in one subject. She is not going to accept any scholarship forever. But i think if the fee in the university is really expensive, her parents can requested to low down the price a bit. So the university can help this smart girl to continue her study in the university.

It's tough to get a perfect GPA in Binus but i never say that i can't. I really work my ass off even i don't really need to show off in front of people. It's not important to share what we are exactly doing at home to people outside who even don't ask. Plus that i am studying IR, it's being my biggest challenge as well. A lot of my friends are pretty smart and clever at the same time, they are also good in talking (doing diplomacy) in front of many people. Almost of them are perfect talking in English and other foreign languages. There are a lot of pressures which i get from all the conditions, so i need to support my self to finish this 4 years study. 3 years more and then i am done finishing my undergradute degree (Sarjana Strata 1). I am going to continue to get master degree (Strata 2) in the future. I think i am going to take Law as my specialization. 

In this 2nd semester i already passed the mid-term examination with 7 subjects. They were English, Chinese, Spanish, Security Studies (learn about conflict, war, international issues, etc.), Metore Riset, Character Building, and International Political Economy. Thanked to God that i got A in almost every subjects. I want to make my parents proud of me, simple. I just hope that i can repeat that moment again for the final examination in this 2nd semester. I hope all of you can share your love, appreciation, and prayers to me and to all my friends in IR Major to pass this semester. We work really hard for this first one year study in Binus and we'll continue for the last 3 years.

Wish me luck! Wish us luck!

I am updating what activities that i am doing and what projects which i already made, [click here!] to see what International Relations students are learning or doing.


Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. Good luck ci! My brother used to be at binus for a while too and I think from looking at him I know how hard it is so very much of luck!!

    bdw do you mind following me back? :)

  2. Just found your blog and really like your style! So excited to find another asian fashion blogger! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, facebook and bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!