Thursday, June 19, 2014

Random : 1st year Projects in International Relations Dept. Binus University

This year i am learning English, Chinese - Mandarin, Korean at Embassy of South Korea (South Korea Cultural Center), and the last is learning Spanish. I am fluent enough to talking in English in front of many people, basic in Chinese, also in Korean as well. I am improving a lot than other last years. The hardest is learning a freaking Spanish.

The last video is the most interesting one from another, but i guarantee that i always put bloopers or NG shoots in the end in every videos or short documentary films. I hope all of you can get more information about the social national issues, know more about what IR Students are actually doing and learning.

Yesterday, i updated my little story for being an International Relations student at Binus University. [click here!] Now i am sharing with you all the projects which i made with my friends to my blog. Actually there are 2 more videos from the 1st semester. I was interviewed Gabriella Olivia and Elizabeth Paramitha as inspiring Indonesian blogger. The other video is a little bit controversial about "Same gender relationship between man and man also woman and woman". But i never made a judgmental video or short documentary film before. The last video is about the Inequality and Poverty in Health Care Sector. I hope to prepare our self to choose the future President of Indonesia, the last short documentary film can help you to choose the right one.

Not all bloggers are active in real social condition or participate to support the nation. So i want to be different. I don't really want to be a short minded person who only can spend my parents' money to go shopping and can't have enough preparation to face the future. Asian Free Trade 2015 is being my newest challenge for me and a lot of people who aren't working yet. Prepare to speaking more than 2 languages, also prepare to know about international issues or condition. Don't be acknowledge about that! If you are still alive, you still need to learn more. Especially, if you are still young and not have a proper job yet. All need preparation!


Good luck and God Bless!


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