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August 2014 : What gadgets do i use for everyday basis and blogging?

Disclaimer :

There is no way to showing off what things which i have right now. This post is being posted because some of you ask how i manage my everyday life with gadgets or electronic facilities which i have right now. These gadgets are supporting my projects at my campus and also for my career as blogger. I am feeling grateful for having father that loves gadgets and computer thingy. Also, i am using my stuffs for several months or even years. I really protect my gadget, so i can use them for such a long time or ages. Except when the gadget is broken. My first gadget that i can use by my self is my old cell phone which was Sony Ericsson Walkman series when i was 12 at my Junior High School. I do get facility if my report card is showing many good scores and my father is going to give some rewards for my hard work. All of these pictures are coming from different sources from Google, i take the white background image (it's going to be focusing on the gadget it self). 

1. Camera

My own camera Olympus E-PL1. No camera there is no way to be a good fashion blogger right? I got this camera since 2012 i believe. So i already had this camera since forever. Until now i am still getting stuck into this camera. The resolution is great and it's easy to use because i am not a professional photographer so i think this DSLR camera really helps me out. It's simple to use as well. I bought the external flash light or blitz for shooting videos / take pictures in the gloomy day after i use this camera several times (I am using Olympus Electronic Flash FL-300R). You can see the review or the details on google because i am not a gadget expert here. When i first got this camera (my father bought this for me), it was quite expensive but it paid off with the quality. This camera is providing HD photo and video results.

2. Computer

I am using my really old computer doesn't really know about the details but it's still working. I do photo editing and other complicated works from my computer. It's not such a fancy computer like iMac or something but it's still work. My screen it's probably 15 inch LCD from Samsung. Sometime i work on my father's computer as well. He has one set Acer Aspire computer which is so complicated to explain all in one. Not really sure about the rest information because i don't use that much. 

3. Laptop

I am using the Macbook Pro 15 inch. Not the newest one but i shared this macbook with my brother and sometimes my father uses this macbook as well. There is no need to buy a lot of macbook because we exactly have another computers at home. I think one laptop (for me is using macbook), it's actually enough. You can make several accounts, so your folders and works can be separated with one and another family members. I am using this macbook for blogging (like now i am blogging from my macbook), for video editing (for video project or youtube), and do another projects with friends outside my home. Sometime i bring my macbook to campus and chill at the near bubble tea cafe, type my essay and get a free wifi facility, lol. This macbook is really useful for sure. Paid off!

4. Tablet

This is my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 GT-N5100! I was getting this on my birthday last year from my father. This is my first tablet that i can use by my self. Few years ago, i shared the tablet with my dad which was an iPad. I forget about that iPad series or what ever. But my father sold the iPad or i didn't really now but i got the macbook pro afterwards. I am using this tablet at my campus, to write notes, browsing, learning, and for communication for sure. It's quite big but not as big as the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I know this is also a tablet but not as big as the actual tablet. It suits me to read so many pdf from my online class and so on. I can edit my blog post, access email, active on social medias, and use the other facility for entertainment in one gadget. I record some footages from a mini concert, fan meeting, and so on by this tablet. The camera is not the most good one, but the sound is really quite good if you go to the room with the mega speaker.

5. Smartphone

I am still using my blackberry for communication. For BBM, texting, and calling some friends or family member. The camera is quite good enough for emergency shoot or something. So i don't want to get rid of this smartphone yet. I was getting probably last year. My blackberry before this one was actually an Onyx 2 (Blackberry Bold 9780). This current blackberry is the Blackberry Bold 9900. It's really need an extra battery so i use my portable charger or change the battery with my other blackberry extra battery. Not all people use blackberry anymore but a lot of adults in Indonesia still use this phone especially Blackberry is really useful for business man to manage all his email, data, and many more. My father is still using his blackberry but the newest version named Blackberry Q10.

6. Music in One Hand

This is my iPod 4th generation in the color white with 8GB storage. I do like iPod because it's quite thin and the size is perfect for my small pocket in my bag. I just easily grab it and put my handsfree or headset to listen to the music at the bus, car, or even at class when i have free time. It's really entertaining because somehow i don't really like to talk to a lot of people when i have a lunch break at campus. So i just end up eating my lunch and listen to my music. Probably some of you already see this iPod appearance in some blog posts or my video on youtube, i am not quite sure yet.

Okay, that's it! Finally i answer all of your question who are wondering what gadgets which i use the most in my life and what gadgets do i love the most. Gadgets are helping us to make our works get done faster not for a showing off or bragging. There is no need to brag about things which you have now because there are a lot of people who are having more than you, so don't be proud enough! If you have more than me, it's yours not mine. Not my business as well to judge you from things that you already have. Also, i am being grateful because not a lot of 19 year old girls have a lot of gadgets as their facilities. For the rest information like the series, resolution, price, or anything you can search it on Google by typing the gadgets' name that i Bold out.



Good luck and God Bless!


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