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Movie Review : Angel Eyes - Drama

As you probably know (or maybe some of you who even don't know yet), i got my skin allergic since 5 days ago. My body is full of redness spots same as mosquitos' bites but they are not going away in fast mode. The skin specialist said it's kind of bugs bites, the toxins are infected my skin. It probably takes 2 weeks until every red spots disappear and just wait until the small minor scars go away. I am just spending my time at home, reading blog posts from so many bloggers from around the world, eating home made foods, listening musics from my iTunes, and enjoying korean drama.

Yes, i think i just want to update another short movie review on my blog. I know maybe some of you already feel sick about it and not long time ago, i updated the other korean movie review. But don't blame a sick girl like me who just can stay at home. Hahahaha. I think i need to practice my korean language more and more by watching korean drama or movie. I practice to listen carefully to actors and actresses while they are talking really fast with their amazing emotion acts on screen. I find out so many new korean words even tho it's really basic but somehow i really like to forget those words from my mind. 

Yes, my newest favorite korean drama or tv series is Angel Eyes. The mellow drama and romantic but also give us so many moral values in this life. The drama really shows us how love and patient have the strong power to make others feel better and feel being respected as human being. This drama also tells us about how important love in the family must be, how strong parents' loves are, and how to learn respect or support one another as one family. I think all of those morals in this drama story lines are so important because we need to apply that into our daily life to other people around us. We never know when some of them might be gone in just one second, anytime, and anywhere. We never know how long people can be stay by our side and all of us are not going to be side by side to each other for so long. Because we know we end up dying on something.

The complicated love story and live background between two main actor and actress are really strong. A bit predictable how this kind of drama ended, but in one episode to another there are always going to be a lot of surprises / plot twists for viewers. So it makes us think to use our emotions, and go into the drama feeling which are the smart points of this drama.

All the actors and actresses are acting really well and they exactly make me feel like "what if i am being there at her / his position? what is going to be happen? or what exactly my decision is?". Yes, i do feel like that and go cry out loud or express my emotions as well while the actors / actresses are acting on the screen. The sad, happy, confuse, and many feelings which i can feel directly.

For 20 episodes, this drama is so freaking sharp and good. Almost other mellow dramas exactly need more episodes to combine the mellow and romantic reality scenes. But not for this drama. I found out from Seungri's BigBang instagram account that he was promoting this drama really hard. Finally i can watch it streaming from internet and i really love how this drama was made. Especially i know how it feels to be rejected, or i feel into unrequited love, and missing people who are not here by my side. Maybe if you already feel the same as i do, you need to watch this drama. If you don't like mellow drama, romantic, and strong feeling drama maybe this drama is not suitable for you. But for me, i watch every genre from any kind of movie.

I love how Park Dong Joo is my ideal type of man here. He is showing his respect to other people, work really hard for his career, love his parents and his little sister, he always remembering Yoon Soo Wan who is the girl that he really does like since the beginning of his love journey. Park Dong Joo is a strong man and full of patience. I personally love Yoon Soo Wan character who is really innocent but somehow her innocent-ness is not turning into a nice idea. "It's all my fault. It's all my fault." that sentence is so childish and it's showing us how imperfection is right there in human being.

I really love this drama is showing the funny side of life, it's coming from the character named Teddy Seo. Teddy Seo roles by Seungri from BigBang. He is showing the funny side of life because he is talking in traditional korean accent but he always said "I'm coming from Texas. My Grandma thought me Korean." The sad moment when he is falling into Park Dong Joo's little sister named Hye Joo. But Hye Joo never sees him in front of her eyes because she likes other person. That other person is way older than Hye Joo (12 year old older), Hye Joo likes him because she remembered of her father who died when she was so little. Teddy never in a rush to show how he likes Hye Joo. 

This drama is really showing us about love and patient. I remembered when one of the character said "Letting go is also being called as love." Personally, i know how it feels. It's going to be hard to let someone goes away from your life but somehow if you really love that person and wish that person also feels the same way to be happy, then it's called love. Maybe it sounds so weird but it's the same when you lost one of your family member, your girlfriend or boyfriend, your bestfriend, or even your pet. Letting go is also being called as love. 



Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. I watch this K-drama also, but i stopped it on eps 12. Lol >_<


    1. you need to watch the rest of the episodes then ... lol there are so many surprises for the viewers.

  2. but 20 episode ><

    1. yes but paid off with the plot twist and moral story :) because i am a film addict, i never want to unfinish something lol.

  3. Omg angel eyes! I cried a river watching this drama, it was just so hurtful when dong joo finally knew that it was soo wan's father trying to take off jung hwa's oxygen mask. Nice review anyway, enjoyed reading it!

    1. yesssss. but glad that Jin Woo's mother was finally getting the punishment. It's all her faults.

  4. Hello. This is A.K.I.A. Talking…
    Thanks for the great review of Angel Eyes ! I enjoyed it a lot.
    I added it to my collection of reviews for the show. The show has now an average score of 77.5%.
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    Thanks again for the review.