Monday, August 18, 2014

Movie Review : High School King of Savvy - Drama

I am to lazy lately to writing something on my blog, maybe because i am not in the right mood to making a newest blog post. I just take my summer holiday times to watch movies, dramas, and learning more korean words. I need to practice a lot and hear so many korean words with different dialects or fast mode pronunciation. One day, i watched a tv program on Channel M and i found out this newest drama aired there. I finally found the full episodes online.

This movie title in english would be The High School King of Savvy, King of High School, or any other names that you can find online. From the first episode, it already makes me want to watch more and more and more and i can't control my self. Like there is a sound in my head "you need to finish this drama really soon!" I finally get done watch all the 17 episodes of this drama. The story line is pretty creative and structural. I love how Seo In Guk can play double role so smoothly. I love every details on this drama.

The details such as when Seo In Guk who played as Lee Min Seok (Lee Min Suk) sit in front of his brother named Lee Hyung Seok (who played exactly by Seo In Guk as well), there is no weird editing false. The characters are sitting next to each other but there is no "mirror shadow" that show Lee Min Seok sits alone while he is talking to his brother Lee Hyung Seok (as you know Seo In Guk roles that act in different angles and edited to be in the same on frame) all the details are so flawless. So probably people who don't know Seo In Guk would be think that Seo In Guk has a twin brother who roles Lee Hyung Seok character. 

I love the weird and absurd character of Jung Soo Young in this drama (roles by Lee Ha Na). Her innocent but weird acts and how she shows really well her emotions are epic. The funny moments when she always has day dreaming with absurd face expressions she pulls everything out. Jung Soo Young's younger sister Jung Yoo Ah is also adorable (roles by Lee Yeol Eum). She is showing the best of "stalker girl" who are falling in love too deeply and getting crazy about Lee Min Seok. How strong her mentality can be described from her attitude and her stupidity to love a single man who never even look at her once in his life time.

Don't forget the smart partner and director of Comfo Company (the company name from this movie) Yoo Jin Woo (roles by Lee Soo Hyuk). I knew Lee Soo Hyuk while back when he was too skinny as a fashion week model. Finally i knew him even more when i saw 2NE1 - It Hurts music video. I didn't like him back than because he was so skinny with super tall body figure. I really admit that he is the real korean vampire guy with the strong cheek bones structure and pale white skin. But at the end, i finally fall for him at this drama. The shower scene when he is getting stressed out of his problem as Yoo Jin Woo. He acts so well to show how to be amazing man outside and arrogant but inside of his heart he is a lovable man. He really loves his mom due to his background as a broken home born son. 

I love the weird love between Jung Soo Young and Yoo Jin Woo. They are really cute couple for sure because there are some problems happening between those two characters, that's why there are so many emotions come out. Jung Soo Young and Lee Min Suk are a cute couple as well but at the first time, i already predict that they are going to be together. But it would be mind blowing if Jung Soo Young are coming back to falling in love with Yoo Jin Woo after he fallen into her heart as well.

The casts for Lee Min Suk's best friends at school are so funny to be described at the movie. I love how Jo Deok Han (roles by Kang Ki Young) and Oh Tae Suk (roles by Lee Tae Hwan) bring  out so much laughter. Seo In Guk with them just like a really close best friends and they act really well. They show a lot of crazy expressions that probably you can do in front of your best friends as well. How they are showing us the desperate of teenagers boys who are actually in the puberty condition/step.

I really recommended this drama to watch. So to the point, romantic, and funny at the same time. I know, to do a movie review in the short amount of blog post is not easy at all. But personally this is the type of asian drama that i like to watch. The combination of imagination, love story, moral, and laughter.



Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. Gonna watch it out!!


  2. love this drama so muchhhhh!! <33
    seo in guk and lee so hyuk are too handsome!! -fangirling- x3

    cheer, michelle

  3. will watch it! <3

  4. Haven't watch this yet but this looks super good! Can't wait to watch this <3

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