Monday, September 8, 2014

Beauty Review : MOSCHINO Glamour Women Perfume


My aunt got this for me and i received yesterday at my father's cousin's wedding party. She actually got it by her work partner i believe but my aunt doesn't like the smell. She said "it's too strong for me." First glance, i really like the packaging. Red is my favorite color after black and white (as you can see from my blog theme). My aunt sprayed some to my hand and it's having that strong smells everywhere even tho she just sprayed at my hand. I tried to wait until several minutes. Finally it worked out! The aroma of this fragrance was turning great and last so long. My aunt sprayed that perfume on me probably at 4PM and stayed until 11PM.

If you ask me, is it being recommended by me? For sake, yes it's good to try at least you know how work on it. If you spray too much to your body, you will die in seconds (except you like that kind of strong smell for perfume). But the aroma turns to be nice after several minutes. I believe you can buy it online or at the local mall or even at Duty Free. It starts from $33, i believe. The price is depending where you are living and local taxes.

Positive :
- Packaging is so simple, but yet glamour and chic.
- Friendly size, not too small and not too big. You can easily put this perfume to your bag / clutch.
- After several minutes you can feel comfortable to use this perfume. The perfume aroma turns to br so good!

Negative :
- Strong smells alert at the first minute.

*I think because you just need to spray it in a little amount, that's why the bottle is not coming with bigger size. Spray a bit and now you are ready to go. Nice thought for sure!



Good luck and God Bless!


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