Friday, September 19, 2014

My Journey to Central Java - Candi Sukuh / Sukuh Temple

Candi Sukuh / Sukuh Temple (Javanese-Hindu Temple), Mount Lawu, Karanganyar, Central Java 

I already promised to you guys. Finally i posted this travel photos and my journey to my blog. As i already said before, i really love traveling to new places. I don't mind to wear flip flops and walk on the traditional market or even walk on heels at the famous mall in a big city. Traveling is not only about discovering new places and ending up with shopping. Traveling is expressing your free time with people around you either they are your family or your closest friends. You are going to get many life experiences only from traveling and learning so many things. You are going to learn how to accept people in diversity, because each place has its own characteristic.

I really recommend you guys to try to visit Sukuh Temple. The place is so clean and the scenery up high the mountain is also beautiful. I went up for several minutes and it paid off! That was my first time tho to saw some people "cleaning" the temple. The air was pretty cool, but i wore skort on that day lol!

Soto Gading (near Keraton (Palace) Solo), Surakarta / Solo, Central Java

You definitely need to try Soto Gading. It was not my first time to visit Soto Gading. I believe Soto Gading did open some food outlets around Solo. But trust me, the first food outlet of Soto Gading which is near Keraton Solo is still being the best! 

I bet some of you might think that people like me and my other friends never try to go to small food outlets near the public street,...hahaha! You are wrong! I really like to go traveling and i do really like to eat what ever food that is, the important thing is the real taste.

VIDEO DIARY | Summer Holiday Traveling to Central Java 2014


Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. Wow! So beautiful place and amazing pictures! You look so cool!

  2. super enjoyed reading this adventure of yours sweetie!!! :D

    New style post now posted sweetie!

  3. Beautiful place! I should explore more about Indo too :p

    Deasy Tantra

  4. amazing scenery! <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  5. Great review of the site! You look cute in that outfit and the Soto looks super yummm....

  6. beauty place!

  7. wow great tips and nice picture..I love the catterpillar one!!amazing!

  8. There are so many destination to visit there, in Karanganyar: Air terjun Jumog, Parang Ijo, Astana Giri Bangun, Giri Layu, Telaga Madirda, etc. I posted about Telaga Madirda, a lake near to Sukuh temple. here...