Saturday, September 6, 2014

VLOG | Pegelaran 25 Tahun Anne Avantie Berkarya - Merenda Kasih

VLOG | Pegelaran 25 Tahun Anne Avantie "Merenda Kasih"

Edited and Directed by : Margareta Vania | Location : Balai Sidang JCC - Plenary Hall, JCC.
Music by : Erwin Gutawa Orchestra | Casts : Anne Avantie as Designer, Models, and Crews


I was attending my long lost aunt fashion show, yes she is Anne Avantie. Some of you who are Indonesian of course already familiar with her name. Probably you call her "Bunda" Anne Avantie. She is my mom's best friend when my mom and her were still little. They were dancing and playing together but sadly they got separated. After a long time journey, my mom got married with my father and Bunda Anne Avantie also got married with her husband. My mom never realized that little Sianne (which is Bunda Anne's nickname) is actually Anne Avantie. She never realized that her little best friend grown up to be the amazing and famous designer. Finally several days ago me and my mom met up with Bunda Anne for the first time person to person and talked a bit about the past memories. Bunda Anne is such a busy person and remembering each of us is kinda difficult because she is working with many people. My mom remembered her about where did my mom stayed at Solo city and suddenly she remembered everything. It's kinda emotional for my mom and her. Actually in my mom's best friend group there were 3 people : my mom, Bunda, and Bunda's sibiling named Evi. My mom said that Bunda Anne Avantie back then was not really a genius student, she was so ordinary but her dream and her passion that makes her like now. I learn that nobody can predict the future and nobody can put pressure to somebody else because you never know if that person might be better than you in the future.


  1. i bet your mom and bunda Anne cant stop talking about their past :))

    1. yea...i think it's kinda like a drama when best friends meet up again after such a long time. Like really a long long longggg time...