Thursday, September 18, 2014

Euphoria Project x Tribeca Over Pop-up 2014

Hat - Maka Store, Outer - just a random Vintage Jeans, Inner - Colorbox Indonesia, Skirt - Slash Apple, Tattoo Stocking - La Dulce Shop, Shoes- New Balance, Backpack - UNIQLO

Sorry, long time no see and long time no blog post on my blog. My timing is confusing me lately. Yes, i still learn to drive and always go to drive course place (my newest routine). I control my self to not over "going out", so i just stay at home lately.

This post was about a previous event called Euphoria Project, i was attending that event. I didn't have any hope to win the style hunt contest by @styyli_app, it  is definitely a random style hunt contest for people who was attending the event and taking photos in front of the @styyli_app wall of fame. I didn't dress up properly like my other blogger friends, they had amazing outfit on. I just wore anything that i could on that day. At the end, i was being their 2nd winner, what? Grateful, it's not thing that i really want to over proud of, but i am going to get MAP Voucher worth Rp 500,000.00 well, that's why i am being quite happy right now.

Valerie, Ines, Putri, Sartob, Ravi, Me, Indy, Michelle

After having a long wait, i could meet with some of them again. I met my new friends, they are Ka Sartob and Michelle. I met them for the first time. They were really nice and fun. For sure, i clearly love all of their styles. So unique and dare to be different. Sadly, some of you shared comments on instagram "oh i see you at central park with your blogger friends" but you didn't even say hello to me / us. Maybe you were afraid to say hello because we were so many (lol) or afraid for getting awkward moment. other events
, if you see one of us at the public places...please just say hello! One simple hello clearly makes us happy, because we feel "oh i am being appreciated by other people".

At the end, i was just eating...eating...eating...eating...and eating glorious foods aka junk food. I don't really like to eat junk food but i did wanna try some at that time. I was also going to karaoke room with my friends (Lisa and Ka Ravi). We were getting crazy by singing korean pop songs and western pop songs. Such a fun day!



Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. Aaaa major loveee! it was nice meeting you cii! :D

    cheer, michelle

  2. looks like you had so much fun! :DD mau ikutaaaaannn

    Pudding Monster

  3. aaaa mau juga ketemuuu ><

  4. Lovely photos. Do you want to follow each other in GFC, Instagram, Fb, & Twitter to keep in touch? Let me know.