Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Journey to Central Java - VIDEO DIARY | Summer Holiday Traveling to Central Java

VIDEO DIARY | Summer Holiday Traveling to Central Java 2014

Watch in HD!

Edited and Directed by : Margareta Vania | Location : Surakarta and Karanganyar, Central Java
Music by : Harrison's collection | Casts : Margareta Vania and family members

Do not forget to play other videos on the playlist or open another travel journey of me and my family from this blog. I uploaded a lot of photos, you might be interested to go there too!

Due to copyrights problem that sucks, i reupload this video diary on my youtube channel. I hope all of you can find it fun because i really love to record videos and watch back when the holiday or event already finished. I think pictures are awesome but video diary is way more memorable because i can exactly can feel the event's euphoria again after such a long time. My family members are really like to going out for traveling especially try to visit new places. If you go to some places and the first point or target is "let's going out for shopping" you are definitely wrong. Take "shopping" at the bottom of your list and enjoy your life, every minutes with your family. I mean come on you go far away and ended your time just for shopping? Shopping is a cure for all women but new environment is way more memorable. Take your time to see around you and just take your time to enjoy or take some relaxation. The last thing it's going to be shopping for clothes or authentic foods from that place etc. That's called the real holiday time. Not a shopping at another place that far away from your home.

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