Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Comeback to Black Photoshoot

Crop Top - MargaretaVania Wardrobe, Jeans - LOGO, Outer and Platform - Yeni's wardrobe

Photo by Yeni N. Navisya - DKV Binusian 2017

I don't want to waste my friend and my efforts. So better than nothing, i post the result to my blog. These pictures were coming from the latest photoshoot project with my friend. I think, it can be my newest simple fashion post. Come on, you can't go wrong with black crop top, jeans, and denim outer. Plus the magic platform shoes are going to make your outfit looking good.

If some of you want to ask "How to style black crop top?" In my opinion, you can take this post as your simple inspiration. I believe some of you who really go in a rush, never think about "what do i need to wear today?". You just grab anything in front of you. Then,... This is the solution : prepare your crop top, denim long sleeve as your outer or you can put it on your waist, any kind of jeans (maybe high waisted is also great), your platform sandals/shoes, and grab your backpack! 

BOOM! You are going to be simplicity awesome!

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. Hi Margareta! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! These pictures turned out beautiful! Love how you styled this ket it simple and made it look effortless! :)

  2. why you're so pretty! love this black balloon theme :)


  3. DOPE! love this simply cool look and those black baloons <3
    keep blogging van!

    love, Diras

  4. Love the photos! & lovely outfit :D

  5. awesome photoshoot! you look so cool :D