Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Album Review : WINNER 2014 S/S [Song Mino's Sign]

My ultimate new favorite boy group album is finally here. Fresh from South Korea. Lucky, i get Mino's polaroid edition. I heard that, not all people can easily get Mino's polaroid edition. Fangirl's fate? HAHAHA. 

WINNER as the newest boy group debuted in 2014 from YG Entertainment is definitely making me fall in love into their deep charisma. WINNER included 5 members, they are Kang SeungYoon as leader, composer, and vocal, Song Minho (Mino) as main rapper and composer, Nam Taehyun as vocal, composer and the youngest (maknae), Kim Jin Woo as main Vocal, Lee SeungHoon as rapper and choreographer.

I love all of them actually and i even can't choose my own bias or favorite person among all members. But the most one member that i like and love is Song Minho. The ex leader of Team A (now as WINNER). His appearance is remembering me of GDragon's younger spirit combined with Taeyang feels into music and deep voice of TOP. How fun his character (4D Character) and his full of expression are catching my heart away. He is talented as well. Ah, well... all members are really damn talented. All of them are good in singing, dancing, and handsome at the same time. They are tall as well compare than Big Bang's members of course. They can do modeling for some designers or brands on fashion week.

My favorite ultimate songs are Empty, Color Ring, Mino's Solo - I'm Him, Don't flirt, and Different. But overall i love all the songs, lol. All of them are definitely awesome and good. [All tracks are included on picture above]. They released music videos for Empty, Color Ring, and Mino's solo on youtube, you can check it out! For Don't Flirt, they released the live performance recording on youtube as well.

All the songs are so easy listening but yet all songs are having deep meanings. I don't know why, from WINNER's teasers videos and everysingle thing were beyond perfect. Love the minimalistic and simplicity theme of this debut. Love how YG Entertainment launched the album with Spring and Summer fashion runaway, WINNER members as the models did catwalk on stage. Love everything, i really recommend this album to all of you who want to refresh your mind from over loaded kpop songs. This debut album is definitely having a great up class feeling.

Good luck and God Bless!


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