Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Beauty Review : Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit [Natural Beige]

Hey long time no see! I am back with new beauty review of my new favorite BB Cream. At first time, i didn't really want to try this BB Cream. I felt afraid if this BB Cream could break my skin out. I search for several recommendations and i decided my self to got it online. Do not be afraid because it's original Etude House, not the fake one. I never do beauty review on fake products and recommended to you guys. Just no. 

I think this review can help you out before you buy this BB Cream from Online or Etude House counter at your local mall / nearest mall from your home. This blooming fit is also really suitable for any kind of skin type honestly but it is working at its best on combination skin.



If you are wondering "Margaret, do you use makeup sponge to blend your BB Cream?" The answer is YES. Asian girls nowadays really love to do natural and light makeup, honestly it's because korean makeup trend is spreading around the world.

But, if makeup sponge does take too much product (because the BB Cream does absorbed to the makeup sponge), i think foundation brush does a great job to replace the makeup sponge. Basically if you want to spread and blend the BB Cream without thinking to use any tools, just use your clean hand.


The smell of this BB Cream is amazing. It doesn't smell fruity but it also doesn't smell to rosy (like a damn flower). It just does smell good, so fresh and a little bit chillin when you apply it to your skin. Also you can use it for a long long time. Hmmm, except if you like to apply too much BB Cream on your skin, it is not going to last longer than you expected before.


The BB Cream DOES LOOK REALLY BRIGHT! BUT....Just be easy girl, you just need to blend it more and do not apply too much at your skin. The BB Cream color is going to be blend out perfectly and you are ready to apply the next step to complete your makeup. 

So at the end of the review, do i recommend this to you? Of course! Personally, i kinda like this BB Cream and i hope some of you give a try to this BB Cream. Etude House is a well known korean makeup brand, so i think it's not going to be bad on their BB Cream lines.

If you want to see another beauty review, i am going to update more! I hope all of you can learn how to improve your makeup skill and always be pretty. Remember, almost people are so visual these days, your makeup look is one of the reason to get a good first impression. There is nothing wrong to apply a little bit makeup, isn't it? If people say "i love girls who look naturally pretty." The fact girls do natural makeup and skin care. No one is pure natural in this world except under age kids or baby. HAHAHA. 

Good luck and God Bless!


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