Saturday, January 10, 2015

Brother and Sister Travel Casual Outfit Idea and Tips

"when you want to take your camera and your bro snaps it. damn."

Top - COLORBOX Indonesia, Skater Skirt - Korea, Socks - TOPSHOP, Shoes - NB, Snapback - Snapback World ID, Bag - my mom's LV

I never post about my brother's outfit update because he is hella not getting interested to dress up. I never hear people compliment about his crocs sandals. HAHAHA. I think, it sounds weird if someone says "you look amazing with your converse!" but what ever lah. But because these photo were taken during my traveling and trip to Central Java last year, finally i decide to update these photos. 

"The point of travel outfit is to dressing up as simple as possible."

I suggest you to wear long sleeve top with cotton material because it doesn't feel hot when you wear it. Plus, long sleeve top protects your skin from the sun light and from strange thing which could scratch your skin.

You are going to walk alot. You never know what thing is going to be happen, so make sure if you want to wear skirt...use inner under it or choose skort as your bottom. The other choice to wear pants to make sure your legs don't get chilly. Do not forget to wear your favorite comfortable pair of sneakers. 

For accessories, you can rock your backpack for example : Adidas backpack collections are kinda cool and minimalistic for travel. I suggest you again to wear your favorite snapback, it protects your head from againnn the freaking hot sun light and rain during the rainy day.

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. Thanks for the tips ^^
    Looks so cute on you :)

  2. you both look so cute!! :3
    thanks for the tips ci! hihi

    xoxo, ditth

  3. I love your sneakers, babe! Thank you for sharing your useful tips!

    Tons of kisses!

    Walk a million miles