Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Journey to Hong Kong - The Peak and Avenue of Stars Hong Kong

Hong Kong is definitely being my favorite country. These photos are my memories in Hong Kong which i never want to forget. Why? because i just love Hong Kong with all my heart lor.

Where did i go? I saw Jackie Chan's big mansion, visited Jackie Chan's jewelry factory and store, and of course visted the Avenue of Stars only to search my favorite actors/actresses' signatures there. My favorites are Stephen Chow's and Bruce Lee's. My whole family love to watch films by Stephen Chow because those are so unique and absurdly funny at the same time. Remember Kung Fu Hustle from 2004? Yeap, it was being directed by Stephen Chow and he also was being the main actor.

Some of you always ask me "do you love Hong Kong?" Yes, of course. Spending my whole time to get Hong Kong entertainment and go travel to Hong Kong are my best decisions. Maybe not for permanently stay, but it's okay for holiday. I can see high buildings combined with nature in Hong Kong. I love how fast the police officers go on the road if traffic jam happens. That's never happen in Jakarta, traffic jam is traffic jam. I rarely see police officers just in several minutes arrive and help to solve the traffic jam problem.

Also, when i went to the local Hong Kong stores...the ladies were so polite. I remembered when i went to China, if i touch their products (only for checking the condition) they would say "you need to buy it!". Errrg. What so ever i hate those forcement. Non sense for tourist like me. I just wanted to check lor. duh. I don't feel any interest to go shopping in China. I am not complaining about China. China is China and Hong Kong is Hong Kong. But that culture is kinda rude for me, i am such a perfectionist. Before i bring products to cashier, i need to check the condition first la. I just touch it to check not to steal it from the store owner. HAHAHA. 

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. great shots! :D
    btw, you look great with that hairstyle :)

    cheer, michelle

  2. I always wanted to go to Hong Kong!!! Feeling so jealous haha

    Tons of kisses!

    Walk a million miles