Wednesday, January 28, 2015 x Tex Saverio Capsule Collection Launch Party 2014

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Some of you ask me "why don't you update about Tex Saverio's event?" So here it is, my past event to Tex Saverio's new Capsule Collection Launch Party. I got the invitation delivered to my home which was so nice, thanked to!! [By the way,..I really love, you can buy a lot of fashion items there from ordinary - designer brands.] As you probably know, i am a huge fan of Tex Saverio and his creations. I made an old blog post about his design for Lady Gaga long time ago, click here to see it!

A dream came true! Finally, i met him in real life. I didn't take any photo of me and him, but i took photo with other blogger friends and he was in the middle of the frame. It was okay. He was so busy went over here and there, he said hi to medias, to his clients, and some important people. I couldn't stop him or even force him just like "gosh, please take photo with meeee!" I would be get kicked out from the venue.

So what do you guys learn from this post? Imagine, do something, and you get it. I never think that i can meet him or even say Hi! to him. But i did meet him last year and i said Hi! to him awkwardly. I did sign the welcoming board I am just like, who the hell am i? HAHAHA. I think my effort to keep blogging and trust to my own feeling definitely brought me to that moment.

PS : In real life, he was just same like a japanese manga character. Cutie and fierce at the same time! Surprisingly he's so petite.

Good luck and God Bless!


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