Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Random : What does Fashion Blogger do in real life?

As many people may know, Fashion Blogger is being well known in virtual world as a public figure who can take control public opinion about fashion (of course), beauty, life style, and many more. Almost Fashion Bloggers do love traveling to many places and take pictures of their outfit of the day (you can call it OOTD), either order delicious food and snap it for instagram, also go to amazing events and fashion shows, and many more. A lot of people expect something big and luxurious for being a fashion blogger.

The fact, we are not that fabulous in real life. We still :p .... but we also have a spare time where we can wear our pajamas and sit like a bro while we are watching tv. Fashion Blogger is also a human being, so please do not expect too much for our life style. We do go to amazing events and places, but we don't always go out everyday only for OOTD pictures.

So What does Fashion Blogger do in real life? Your thought might be wrong about my image lol. That's why i love to share this post. Well this is me, so i am going to share about "what do i do in real life?" from things that i usually do, my real looks, and my real personality.

1. Traveling only for finding nice foods to eat.

I am might be skinny but i never can get enough with foods. No! I am perfectly healthy and i am still wanting those delicious foods more and more. Street foods until high end foods, i don't care. If those foods taste good, then take my money. Either i go out with my family or even my closest friends, i still rave about foods.

2. I do Social and Charity Programs.

Many people say that Fashion Blogger never care about social and charity program. But well i think,... i do care about social issues here epecially in this country. A little help might be useful. 

Once, i have an experience to teach some kids who have no place to live in. They lost their places to sleep becauce of the fire accident. How could i go buy so many good things for my self and forgot about those kids? Me and my friends also helped them, at least we shared a bit of money to rebuild the small wood house for a place to study. We also helped to teach those kids some elementary school subjects. In other event, i sell my preloved stuffs as well for charity.

3. I am not going to the club.

I am not always going to the club. Sometime, I do go to a club because I am in my 20s. Sometime, my campus event is being held in a club / restaurant and invited DJ. I don't smoke either. I do drink alcohol and I am a type of person that can't get drunk easily. But I only drink in special occasion. Some people might think that Fashion Blogger like me would always have amazing night life. Nah, i actually prefer sleep during the day. Ah, maybe i prefer to play The Sims on my computer.


4. I don't always go to Fashion Week.

Either it's Jakarta Fashion Week or it's Indonesia Fashion Week. People also think that Fashion Blogger always go to Fashion Week. Again somehow, i prefer be at home chill. I love to go to Fashion Week or events if i have important invitations, it depends on my mood and my schedule. I am such a busy student here,...so please :p hahaha. But clearly, sunday is only the day that i can use for spare time.

5. I don't look like this everytime i go out, duh.

Sometime, i only go out with t-shirt, shorts, and flat shoes. With no makeup on and i look like a disaster asian girl without makeup. Ah no....but i think i look fine with no makeup la. I posted my face without any makeup several times on my social media. I even show you my armpit on my facebook lor. HAHAHAHA. Just kidding. *but seriously*

6. I don't dress up nicely to my campus. Oh please. Too lazy.

Again, i go to my campus building with t-shirt, outer, and probably jegging or jeans. Do not forget my converse and my adidas backpack. Done! Sometime, my driver picks me up after class, but sometime i also go home by public transporation (which is the reason why it's going to be creepy for me to over dressed up). I usually dressed up like this :

7. Yes, i do photo modeling but i am not that fabulous before the camera is on.

I am not that attractive before the camera is on. I feel it. I know it. Also, I can be a different person each time camera is rolling in front of me. I can be a different person only because of makeup and photoshoot concept that my clients give to me. So that's why please, do not expect me too much to always act the same as what you want me to, for example : i am doing fierce expression and other person say "ah you look too serious!" dang you stupid, this is just a photoshoot concept. 

8. I do not always go out for shopping.

I love to go shopping but i don't buy every single thing everytime when i go. I prefer to save my money for emergency or for way more valuable things on my wish list. I am not rich. My parents who have more money than i am because they are having proper job. I am still not having a proper job. Hope in the future i am going to get it ;)

9. "Most Fashion Bloggers are stupid because all they know are shopping and wasting money." YOU ARE WRONG!

Sorry, i am such a perfectionist person when i have something work to be done. I love to see high scores, i love to smell success, and i love to read political books. Sometime, i do fail. I need to learn from my other friends who are smarter than me. Well, my major is International Relations which is connecting to international politics, international issues, and etc. Well, people who think that i am stupid enough because i am a fashion blogger....i think you are wrong. I am not showing off, because i believe there are so many people who smarter than me. But don't judge me same as stereotype that you think they are exist. Do you need evidence of my brain quality here? 

10. I am not having fierce personality, my personality is way,..ehmm...too far from my face expression.

Many people think that i am arrogant because they see me from internet and from my blog pictures. I rarely show my smile in front of people. Sorry soooo sorry about this, but it's kinda awkward for me to smile in front of new people or strangers. But, i guarantee you that i would reply your smile if you smile at me first, lol. I am a friendly person, i am sure about this. Sadly many people say that their first impression of me is not far away from "cold or arrogant". I think, i need to smile more than before. HAHAHAHA. I am kinda crazy in real life, i scratch my butt as well at home, and sleep without beautiful expression. My personality is perfectly way too far from my fierce or flat expression.

So how about you? If you want to make the same post like this, do not forget to tag me and let me know. I am being curious about what do you do in real life hey bloggers!

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. the worst thing is to open this post with an empty stomach, ... that food makes me drool, seriously !!
    but this really explains the whole "fashion blogger" thing, (yes, accused of being a snob just because i blog - and do it in english) ! number 10, .. you really are a sweet girl, your personality is waaaaay different than your picture ahaha and btw, thank you for doing an interview for my internship a while back :) (p.s: sorry i can't really send you the published link)

    Slumber Talk

    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the whole interview process. I hope I can meet you again in the future!

  2. Great blog and amazing pictures ! Would you like to follow each other ? let me know

  3. I used to think that being a Fashion blogger is harder than being a beauty blogget, LOL. Probably because I barely see fashion bloggers who repeat their outfit and then I thought I surely can't be one of them, because:
    1. I don't shop that often
    2. Following trend isn't my thing >.<
    3. Ain't got time to dress up and do OOTD pics. Lol

    But thanks for sharing another side of fashion blogger, van ^^ At least now I know how daily life of fashion blogger is. Hehe


    1. Actually, we do try hard to wear different items every time we take our blog photos. But in real life, we are humans too. Sometime we don't have any money left in our wallet to go shopping and need to save more. LOL

  4. THIS MARG! THIS! you've written it well :D

    Pudding Monster

  5. I'm so agree for no. 10
    I also have a difficulty to smile at strangers because I'm afraid of their responds
    Would u like to visit my blog

  6. Aaaaaak we have so many things in common :D Masa temenku ada yang bilang "kamu kalo ngampus pake baju yang bagus dikit laaah, kayak baju tidur gitu pakaianmu" Hahaha
    I'm so glad Im not the only one "nerd" aku juga nggak begitu banyak shopping. Rasanya ironis gitu kalo dikampus sehari-hari belajar financial management tapi kalo ke mall nggak bisa berhenti belanja :D Kadang suka mikir panjaaang gitu kalo liat baju lucu banget di toko. Akhirnya nggak jadi beli.

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd
    instagram > @rizunaswon

    1. IKR... Overdressed somehow can bring you to a dangerous situation. :(