Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Random : What things did happen in 2014?

Finally, i have a bit of time to write something on my public diary. I can't tell you about how the time that goes too fast. I need to be proud of my self because i achieve so many things already in 2014, but it is not making me preach on other people. I am not successful yet, i am just growing to be better than before. That's all. So i think why don't i share to you some of amazing things which did happen in 2014. Throwback to appreciate my own self.

I am totally blessed with everything, these are more than enough. In one year, i went through many things. I went through disappointment, happiness, break up, rising, sadness, and everything. I am being stronger and being way more mature than before.

The saddest moments : I lost my beloved Grandma. I even can't stop crying when i see her photo. We are just too close to each other, heart to heart. :(

Some people ask me if i want to get married after i graduate, the answer is no. Some people ask me if i am now currently single or not. Yea in between probably, i am on my break but clearly i am using my break time far away from "falling in love" virus with other person. I live in the different country from a person that i love, now we are just having a break for awhile.  I am busy with my life and he is busy with his life. I am still talking with him (that Korean man) via chat application, but show must go on. We are going to meet in this year, just hope. I met him in May 2014. I need to admit that, yes i miss him a lot.

But i am afraid at the same time. Unrequited love is being my boyfriend for such a long time. I can 't see the differences between real love or friends with benefits. I am just being afraid. So my decision is going to be with my own for awhile. I am being way more mature than before. I see that "happiness is just standing for awhile, everything is being here just for awhile."

The happiest moments : when I can earn my own money. I can buy several things that i want on my wish list by my own money and savings. I need to be proud here, sorry to say i am proud of my self. I don't want to be over proud of my own self too because i achieve all these things because my family and friends help me so. Also, i got high scores at campus. My GPA's 3.8 outta 4.0 :") I met so many amazing people and inspirations. I took so many photos with public figures, my blogger friends, and many people that i never imagine before to be met with. I got featured in some websites and magazine. I also held my second seminar and talk show at Grand Indonesia, it was amazing! I also do some collaborations with many clients and online shops in one year.

Here they are :
(Complete details about date release, click here!)

I can't wait to see what will happen in 2015. If some of you who want to do a collabo with me make sure you email me to! Let's make a new memory and achievement this year together. I was starting my journey on internet since forever. I am glad because everything is turning well. Well done!

Happy new year, let's making memories and achieve new things in 2015!

Margareta Vania

Good luck and God Bless!


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