Thursday, January 8, 2015

Style Army Outfit(s) - Collaboration with Students from ESMOD Jakarta

All outfits are from Local Store at Senen combined with the students' own wardrobe colletion. Tank top is mine.

ModelMargareta Vania | Fashion Stylist : Gianinaa Amperianto and team | MUA : Nathania | Photographer : Aditya Mahendra and team. 

(click those names to go straight to their instagram accounts)

This is a collaboration and project between me and students from ESMOD Jakarta (for Gianina Amperianto's group for Fashion Styling school project). I wish that i have this kind of subject (lol how can it be? i am taking IR as my major.) Army is not my kind of style, but i think i started to fall in love with this style. Maybe some of you may talk to me like "really? you are so late." I prefer monochrome as my crush, but my fellow new friends from ESMOD Jakarta definitely rock those army on my body. 

I took these photos with amazing photographer and team. I really love the location at Taman Wisata Gunung Pancar, Hutan Pinus (Pine Forest). Amazing place to go to, but i actually lost lol damn fuckin GPS. I couldn't trust Google Map 100% lor. I even went to the most creepy places before i arrived at the photoshoot location such as creepy small roads with fckin creepy wooden bridge. NO NO NO. 

The hateful moment in my entire life in photo session / photoshoot event ,...just.... emmm... i saw that one girl in Nina's team who just fell asleep in the car. Other members did work really hard. They did search fashion pose inspirations, styling the outfit, grab those umbrellas for me and the photographer. I know she did hold the umbrella for me for several minutes, thank you well done girl. Thank you very much! :* kiss for you. But then, she gave up. Who the hell ar you? :") All of us worked really hard for your project and you just did fall asleep? Dear all of you, if you have the same character as her... please stop, i feel really pitiful for other friends in your team. Don't be such a parasite. Learn from this short story from me dear you. Don't be like her.

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. Awesome pics!


  2. cool and hip outfit dear! :)

  3. Amazing place where you take the pictures! You look flawless, girl!!!
    Tons of love and thank you for your flattering comments! You're always making my day!

    Walk a million miles