Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Team Carousell Singapore x Jakarta Bloggers Meet Up

(Margareta Vania aka Me, Diras, Oliv, and Tata)

Location : Pizza Hut, Grand Indonesia, Central of Jakarta

My outfit of the day : White Cape Blazer, Inner - ZARA, Legging and Beanie - UNIQLO, Wedges - Steve Madden Pammy

Some of you probably do not know them really well, that's why i want to feature them in my blog. I hope all of you can also get to know them from now on. Support us as always!

Firstly, i met Diras at INFARE 3. This meet up was actually being my second time to meet her in real life. She is really cute and her Japanese sense of style is definitely being suitable for her petite body. I love how she was being talkative to me and other friends from Team Carousell Singapore. We talked a lot, especially about Xia Xue's viral post about Gushcloud and Gushcloud responses. LOL we really do up to date. She is the new talent for Japan Station Navigator, please support her and follow her if you really love Japan. She does deserve more attention. Her attitude is so bubbly and fun! Click here to know her more! If some of you who don't know Japan Station Navigator, you better search it on Google to know more. Diras is being their new talent to sing and dance, also to promote Japanese culture, fashion style, and etc about Japan in Indonesia. When some people like to judge this kind of job as a copycat act of Japanese artists, well you are just stupid. She does damn things to promote Japan.

About Oliv and Tata, they are actually working as internship employees at Carousell Singapore (The No. 1 Best app for you to selling your new and preloved stuffs). We all called them Team Carousell (in fact all people who support Carousell, we called them as Team Carousell as well). I had been worked with them for several months since last year. I did collaboration with Carousell Singapore to open my own garage sale brand, as you can see at my blog side bar. It's all being facilitated by Carousell Singapore. Thanked to the internet because Oliv finally found me as blogger partner.

Well, i think that's it. I think this post is bringing a fresh feeling to you, because i am not sharing things about my self. See you at the next blog post!

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. Seems you guys had so much fun! :)


  2. very nice and cool...you nice and cute...

  3. Thankyou for sharing your cool Internet's friends. I wish I can get a blogger partner from Internet like yours :))


  4. Wish to be friend with all of you :D


  5. looks like you had a great timeee~ :D

    cheer, michelle

  6. I love all these outfits! The flower dress are amazing!
    I started to follow you. Hope you follow e back!

    Another earth pink



  7. I really enjoyed this post. You girls are so cool! I love your style!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog