Saturday, February 28, 2015

All Finalists for OOTDDF2015 - Dreamers Festival 2015 [GR 2]

Such a great experience to met all of them and supported Dreamers Festival 2015 at Central Park Mall in front of many people. So i dedicated this blog post for my fellow friends here. Even tho these photos were coming from our GR / preparation day of OOTDDF2015 Fashion Show, but i believe these are going to be worth at the end to be remembered.



Thank you Kenny Djo and Lisa Stefanny for the photos!

Friendly and warm new friends, i hope that we can always keep in touch with each other. Don't forget to say hi if we pass by, never forget how we talked a lot at the backstage about one of the silly guest star on that day, and after all do not forget everything about this small journey. 

This was not my first experience in runaway basically because i am graduated from Look Inc. and i work in this entertainment industry. The truth is still, runaway is not my stage at all. I am not 178cm tall, i am just 167cm (far away from the runaway standards). Runaway is not my place (Actually). I prefer photomodeling rather than walk on the stage, but model under 167cm can try walk on the runaway if the stage is not for famous designers. I can't walk under the name of famous designers, except if i am famous enough (probably i can take audiences' out with me to order the pieces).

If you want to see my outfit details / OOTD for OOTDDF2015 GR, please click here!

Also in Bahasa Indonesia, i just want to say : Baru pertama kali hadir di acara event, dimana finalisnya yang request goodiebags dan sertifikat, dimana finalisnya blak-blakan, dan mengalami hal-hal obrolan kocak lainnyaaa. Ini acara fashion show terunik yang pernah gue pribadi ikutin. Mulai dari pas fashion show di mulai, bagian kiri panggung kabel-kabel bekas penyanyi sebelumnya belum diberesin jadi kita catwalk harus perhatiin jalan biar ga keserimpet. LOL but after all love you you dreamers radio, thanks for the opportunity...

Good luck and God Bless!


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