Monday, February 2, 2015

Margareta Vania x MNC Fashion Indonesia Behind The Scene

(picture edited via VSCO)

Hello February, thanks to God that i get this opportunity. Yey, i am going to be featured on MNC Fashion. If you use tv cable, you can watch me on the upcoming episode. I am going to make an announcement if my episode is going to come out really soon. So basically, i am being their newest interviewee (person who get interviewed). I am talking about my background as fashion blogger and why i decided to do fashion blogging. I am also sharing several collections in my wardrobe (several bags, favorite shoes, accessories, and several clothes that i like). Again, only several things because i can't show you everything in 30 minutes. It's going to be such a waste then, nobody wants to hear me talking in one hour tho.

My wardrobe is a close closet/wardrobe not a walking closet. I really want to apologize if my closet is so far away from your imagination. But i do have a lot of stuffs in my work room. I do everything in this room such as dressing up, doing makeup, and working on my tasks. I make everything works in this room as my wardrobe and working place. My house is big for me but not massive, i really need to maintain everything that i have and organize every stuff in the right place. I don't like dust, that's why close closet/wardrobe is better rather than having open closet/walking closet. Especially if you live in Indonesia, Singapore, or even Malaysia, our countries' weather = humid. Dry during the day and humid during the night. 

My working place concept is mostly white, because lighter color definitely makes my room look bigger than the actual size. I do decorate my room with simple furniture and other bits and bobs (like british mostly like to say). I hope the MNC Fashion crews get really comfortable while they are chillin in this room. 

Comeback to the reason why do i only share several stuffs in my wardrobe, it's just because i do live in two places,.. (one is in this house (my grandpa's house) and the other one is my apartment.) I think that's why i try really hard to maintain my stuffs in two different places at the same time. That's being my answer about why my collection is never looking that massive and why i just share several stuffs to you guys.

I just hope all of you can enjoy it after the episode is coming out on your tv screen. If you miss it, don't worry this episode has rerun time. Over and over again. Thank you guys for always supporting me! This is being my 3rd time for getting featured on national television. It's going to complete my portfolio and new experience in 2015. God bless all of you and God bless 2015! Keep inspiring!

Good luck and God Bless!


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