Friday, February 6, 2015

Metropolis Market 2015 - VIP Access

My outfit details :
Fedora - UNIQLO, Necklace - rdahandmade, Outer - New Look, Inner - Marie & Frisco, Pleather Jegging - UNIQLO, Boots - New Look, Bag - from Thailand

Yey, i went to Metropolis Market 2015 at The Space, Senayan City with my friends Lisa, Diras and Rini from JapanStation. Yesterday was an awesome day for us! Such a great event, so many booths from fashion tenants until food tenants all available there. I recommend this event to all of you guys, young people and family members who want to spend your short weekend this week to Metropolis Market 2015. 6-8 February Metropolis Market 2015 is being open for public, no need invitation to visit this event.

I honestly got the invitation from the designer and owner of Cloth Inc, Julian. She is really nice and thanked to her i got this invitation. I decided to go to Metropolis Market due to my busy examination schedule on my university because i wanted the Mesh X-ray top from Apparel After Dark. Apparel After Dark is the new local brand designed by my dearest blogger friend named Amelia Bunjamin. She is so well known on and instagram. Her taste in fashion and photography = superbbb amazing.

I can't wait to style that X-ray top on 14th February 2015 because i am going to attend Alumni Remaja Ceria Jakarta Selatan 8th anniversary. The dresscode is gonna be black, that's why i try to invest my money to this AAD collection. That top is definitely worth my money because i tried on last night and the feeling was amazing. LOL. It's so comfortable. It's not too expensive tho, cost less than $20 and come on it's designed by a fashion blogger. It can't be wrong. HAHAHA.

After i got a chance to visit AAD booth, i visited LINF booth by Elizabeth Paramitha well known as a local fashion blogger as well. I already done interviewed her last year, you can check it here!  But i didn't met her unfortunately. I met Sonya and her friend there who exchange the shift with Liz, basically to stay at LINF booth after Liz could come back. I met another blogger friends as well. Probably i am going to update the part two of this post because the other photos are still in Dira's camera. Her camera quality is hella bomb.

Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. Cool look! Kece banget marrrr <3


  2. thanks for featuring me on your blogpost cantik. ntar akuuuh bikin blog post jugaaaa <3
    sekarang masih ngutang 1 post endorse-an abis itu baru metropolis >.< i'll see you again next time on next gath ya
    *ketjup mesra*


  3. margieeeeee folback blog gue dongggggg hehehhee

    -stella- xx