Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Random : Why did Facebook and Instagram block my blog URL?

This is the upcoming blog header, just wait until everything is going to be fine for my blog life and promotion. 

Facebook and Instagram are actually now in the same gang. I search on google how unblock my blog from this situation but there is no other solution. I decided to buy and register my own name domain, i want to make this blog as fully as mine. Facebook and Instagram said that my blog link is unsafe and probably posted some abusive contents. I never did that and i never did post something racist, etc. It's not making any sense. I really feel disappointed about how Facebook and Instagram did this to us, bloggers and other team creatives in this virtual world.

Facebook and Instagram banned my action when i tried to typing my URL blog on my bio / my wall / at the comment bar. They are feeling "oh we are being cheated because she is not paying for website promotion or advertisement" and "i believe you share spam link in our community". That's just too cruel because they judged me for nothing. What did i do? Facebook and Instagram don't have great customer service.

If you search on google, many people shared protests because they never did anything wrong, they just wanted to share their own blog / website links same as what i did on my own facebook wall / instagram bio. How stupid. I just hope some people from Facebook or Instagram company read this, because clearly both of Facebook and Instagram are making me angry so bad. Both of you pissed me off.

I decided to change my blog to a proper domain (margaretavania.com). Now, it's going under process and i am going to ask my dad to help about the domain service etc. I am starting to hate Facebook and Instagram even more, before Instagram went under Facebook,...nothing was happened. 

I hope, this decision is going to be my best decision and i can start over promoting my blog again to my social medias followers or virtual friends who are not having any idea about my blog. Once again, if Facebook and Instagram responded to this blog post, i am going to be really happy. But if you don't respond this blog post and any other requests from people who experienced the same thing as me, well you need to try to listen to us (users). Correct your error tech. problem!


  1. this is really bizarre!!!!

  2. cara perbaikinya gimana yah? udah diunblock belum urlnya dari facebook?