Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kawanku Magazine No.199

Yey, i am coming back again to my blog. So happy because i am getting featured again for Kawanku Magazine No.199 (3rd times already). Such being a pleasure to be Kawanku Magazine model and promote Kawanku Magazine. Yes, i grew up with Kawanku Magazine, since i was little. I often went to school library, only checked the magazine section and read Kawanku Magazine.

The first time, i got 6 pages with Putri Valentina. The second time, i got 2 pages for my self for beauty section of Kawanku Magazine. and now i am getting on page for beauty stuff section. Always feel blessed! I can't wait to participate more.

No need to wait, get yours now! Especially there are several pages only for One Direction fans. Plus, there is a bonus for you guys. One big poster of One Direction! Don't forget to check me out lol! (page 26)

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