Monday, March 16, 2015

Margareta Vania x Lactacyd Indonesia : Cinderella Movie 2015 #LactacydMovieTime

Lactacyd Indonesia was inviting me to join the Lactacyd Movie Time on Saturday, 14th March 2015. It was also a white day, such a pleasure to came. I just want to say thank you for trusting me as one of many influencers, media partners, and bloggers to join this event. 

Here it comes for the reviews ...

About the event :
The event is so compact and i like it. I don't really like to hear people or emcee aka MCs talk too long. The MCs, both of them talked really straight to the point. 

1. We got introduced to Lactacyd new product, the details of the product, and watch live Television commercial. 
2. The MCs asked for a real review from a person who already used this product for 1 month or at least 4 weeks in a row. She said "this product is working really well for me and i love how the television commercial is not telling a lie to public".
3. After that, they opened question and answer session (only 3 people who could ask a question). 
4. At the end, they read 2 lucky people who deserved some doorprizes. One of them won the Samsung Galaxy, but i didn't know the series.
5. We started the movie.

About the movie :
Oh my gosh! I can't describe it anymore, i really love Cinderella the movie. I love how pretty the actress and the actor who played roles as Cinderella and the Prince. I couldn't stop smiling and laughing to their romantic and funny scenes. I came to the event with my friend Lisa. Quite sad because both of us are clearly single ladies. HAHAHA. I DO RECOMMEND YOU TO WATCH!

The fashion taste from all women's dresses, makeup, and british royal kingdom fashion properties are epic. Especially Cinderella's mother simple pink dress and Cinderella's blue royal ball dress. Those are major beautiful. 

I also love the character of Cinderella's evil sisters and mother. They act really well. Her step mother's fashion outfits are classy and fabulous. I even like her even more. The way her makeup is remembering me of 17s 18s century trend standard of beauty. 

About the product :
I also got free sample products from Lactacyd. Their newest product called "Lactacyd White Intimate" so i think, i am going to talk a bit about it.

Lactacyd White Intimate is being so popular lately (especially since the beginning of 2015) because it's giving us brightening effect for all women's biggest problem. It's also being one of my biggest problem in my private area, yes...most of women have darker area around miss V because of tight underwear or pants.

I bet some of you are wondering if this product is safe or not. Don't worry, it's safe because this product contains all natural things and it's already being dermatologically tested.  I recommend this product if you are 19 or 20 years old or more. You can use this product twice a day.

Good luck and God Bless!


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