Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Journey in Jakarta - Enjoy The Real Coffee at Watt Coffee Jakarta

Location : Watt Coffee - Jalan Kwitang Raya No.14, Senen, Jakarta Pusat

OPEN : 8AM - 8PM

Yes, another new place to enjoy your break or weekend with signature coffee(s) or modern type of coffee(s). This is my first time trying to visit this coffee shop called Watt Coffee. Probably you still feel curious about this coffee shop, that's the reason why i write a review about this amazing comfy place. I hope all of you can enjoy reading it or you probably started to mesmerizing these pictures.

(Free Mineral Water)

 (Red Velvet Latte and Cappucino)

 (Green Tea Latte and Banana Crumble)

 (Banana Crumble)

I went here with my friend, Kenny Djo. I actually asked Lisa few days ago but she said,...she couldn't come because another event. Here, i really need to say and i need to admit that i am not a coffee expert here. But as a ordinary blogger, i know that every food or drink is going to be great if it's good aka delicious enough. I can find that thng in this little coffee shop. I got 4 types of coffee and one Banana Crumble.

Definitely, me and Kenny enjoyed all of those above. Still,... we have our own favorites. I really love the Red Velvet Latte. (didn't feel sweet or bitter). It was coming exactly the same as my expectation since i saw the Red Velvet Latte at their instagram account. IT WAS AMAZING! About the cappucino or other latte are also good but i think i really do love Red Velvet Latte. It's also being their most customers' favorite latte. 

**)A note for people who can't drink original coffees :
If you can't drink a latte without sugar, well you probably need to ask for it. The signature Latte and Cappucino taste originally a little bit bitter.

Kenny really fell in love with the Green Tea Latte (biar kekinian), lol just kidding. It was also amazing. Also, both of us love the Banana Crumble. The real bananas were exactly in there. Like "oh this is a fresh banana crumble!"

We spent our time probably one and a half hour. Chit chat, eat, drink, chit chat, and it came around just like that. We took many pictures to showing you guys now via this blog post. Started from 3PM (as we experienced) way more people usually are coming around the afternoon - evening  ,... they usually come to enjoy coffee(s) or just hold a small meeting with friends or even clients.

About the interior. It's soooo artsy (if that's even a single word to describe this place). I took a seat on the sofa (because i wanted to chill and took many photos as i could. lol.)

So this is the summary of all my thoughts about this coffee shop where you can find a lot of signature coffees or modern coffees (such as green tea, red velvet, and another various flavors)


+ Quite affordable especially if you are still a student.
+ Such a comfy place.
+ The interior is amazing! So instagram-able.
+ All foods or drinks are perfectly amazing! (either those are coming to your table in an artsy way or taste delicious.)
+ The room lighting it's not too dark or even too light. A nice place to sit, relax, chill, and enjoy your time.
+ WiFi available duh! (everyone needs this)
+ A nice place to bring your friends, clients, or even your small family.

- In the evening there are so many people coming, especially on the weekend. So if you don't get your seat inside, probably you can choose to booked the outdoor seat. But i think this is not a big problem at all. 


Thank you for the invitation to this amazing place, nice service, food and drinks.


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  2. cozy bgt tempatnya, suka sama interiornya, minumannya jg kyknya enak, must try nih klo ke jkt hehe thanks for sharing mar


  3. Oh sounds like a very cool cafe! I wish they have branch here in Jogja!


  4. the place looks lovely <3

    cheer, michelle ~