Monday, March 23, 2015

My Journey to Central Java - Solo Culinary Destinations

Today, i am not going to share about fashion post. It's the time for me to update a new post about foods yey! Another chance to write travel post on my blog. Yes, traveling is changing my way to think about something and learn to face something new. I am going to share about culinary destinations in Solo.

Surakarta or Solo is my mom's hometown. That's why our family love to discover more about this little city. Not really little in general but Jakarta is definitely war larger than Solo. Solo is famous as culinary destination for locals or foreigners who visit Solo. There are so many culinary destinations. From small culinary destinations - high end culinary destinations.

Solo Baru

 Bakso Siomay

Probably you easily judge place like this because it's just a small culinary destination at Solo Baru. You wrong guys, their foods are AMAZING! The owner is Chinese Javanese. When i visited this place, a little boy helped her mom out to prepare all the things which we ordered. 

Those foods are so freaking affordable too. Maybe some of you might think "how come?? they are selling meatballs and those foods cost around $1.2 / bowl" If you buy this kind of thing at Jakarta, you wouldn't get the same price as well la. It's easier for people in Solo to find ingredients to cook rather than in a big city Jakarta. 

I recommend "Bakso Siomay" it's freaking delicious! [Siomay is fish dumpling, if you are asian you easily discover this thing almost everywhere.] I ordered 2 bowls of Bakso Siomay only for my self. YASH!


These 2 culinary destinations are located side by side. Shi Jack served hot or cold fresh milk with various flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, ordinary white fresh milk, and so on. 

Nasi Liwet Bu Sarmi served a fresh hot Nasi Liwet Solo the traditional meal from Solo. Nasi Liwet consists of hot rice, chicken meat, egg, and sayur labu siam or in english would be called as chayote with santan soup [santan made from coconut]. Nasi Liwet Solo Bu Sarmi served in a small plastic plate with a clean banana leaf (your food smells so good with it). Don't forget to eat it with Kerupuk Kulit [ from wikipedia : (Javanese: rambak or Minangkabau: karupuak jangek, lit:"skin crackers") is a traditional Indonesian cattle skin krupuk (cracker).]

I don't have a full photo of my own Nasi Liwet Bu Sarmi, so here it is the sample picture...

3. Olive Kitchen

Another small place with affordable and delicious foods. My favorite is definitely Selat Solo, the javanese version of SALAD. My fresh Selat Solo served with the sweet ice tea. Such a nice companion in a hot day. Selat Solo is also being a great meal if you are on diet.

Not only selling Selat Solo, Olive Kitchen also selling another variations of javanese and western foods. How amazing is that? I felt really lucky because it was on weekend (still in the early morning 7.30 am), so i didn't meet a long queue of customers.


How do you feel? Hungry? Yes, me too. That's why you need to visit Solo as soon as possible. Because Solo is really famous for being the most epic culinary destination.


  1. My came from Karanganyar, a small town near Solo, but I often visit that city. Solo is my mom's hometown, and my mom's relatives have stayed for years in Solo. I really love its foods and people. those are very nice. :)

  2. lovely shots! <3
    i think solo would be a great holiday destination judging from your culinary shots here :))

    cheer, michlle ~