Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 2015 : #ZALORA3 - It's Zalora 3rd Birthday!

Another present that i got from ZALORA Indonesia. Thank you so much for mbak Intan Puji Lestari by sending these awesome gifts (clutch and vouchers). 

Do you know about ZALORA? ZALORA is definitely a recommended online market place for people who search several fashion items. ZALORA is one of the biggest Asia's Online Fashion Destination, even Asia's Next Top Model season 2 is being sponsored by ZALORA

ZALORA provides an easy track to access their website, choose your own stuff, buy it, and your stuff is going to be delivered safely to your home. You can search any kind of fashion items from the most affordable price tag - highest price tag. I can guarantee that 100% stuffs that being featured on ZALORA's website are all coming with the finest quality. 

Btw, i really fall in love with shoes (as you probably know) and i just found out that brand The Little Things She Needs also available on ZALORA. I know, i'm kinda late. If you are curious, you can click the link here! For more info, try to visit www.zalora.co.id


Good luck and God Bless!


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