Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Beauty Review : Bunny Lashes - Handmade Human Hair Eyelashes

I am wearing eyelashes from Bunny Lashes ID. Bunny Lashes ID delivered the whole package for me and now it's my job to making a beauty review. Sorry for the late beauty review, i've been so busy. Yes, i am going to face mid term examination week and i get so many projects in this semester.

Back to the review, all of Bunny Lashes' products are 100% human hair and 100% handmade lashes. All pure clean and each package include one eyelash glue which i can use it more than 2-3 times.

Positive :
- Affordable eyelashes
- High Quality Handmade eyelashes.
- The packaging presentation is so cute!
- Friendly customer service.
- Include free glue is the best, worth the price.
- So many series that you can choose from natural - dramatic eyelashes.

Negative :
- The glue is not that practical. You need to cut the tube and if you fail, you can't close it back. This is not a big problem for me either because you can use your own glue if you fail to use the additional glue. But glad, i didn't fail to use it. I can use it 2-3 times.



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