Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fashion Nation Senayan City 2015

 Margareta Vania with Ilonksarizqi

Margareta Vania with Valerie and Ravi. 

Margareta Vania with Arnold Teja

 Margareta Vania with Sonia Eryka

My outfit :
Inner - Passo, Tattoo chocker - Damn Awesome Bali, Leather Jacket - GUESS, Skirt - Ghaida Project, Heels - Christian Sirrano, Bag - Style Nanda KKXX

outfit sponsored by Ghaida Project

I didn't plan anything on that day. I just realized that Ilonk's birthday was on Wednesday, 15th April 2015. Me and the others prepared a surprise for him. At the same time my blogger fellas were competing for Fashion Nation - Fashion stylists vs Fashion bloggers. Well, a small reunion tho. 

I met Sonia Eryka. That wasn't my first time to met her in real life. I went to her garage sale several times and saw her several times at the public events but i didn't have a chance to take a photo with her. She is one of my biggest inspiration, i started my blog because i read her blog and Diana Rikasari's blog since long time ago.

I also met Arnold at the event. I just knew him from Instagram. He is a model for Patrick Owen's collection so i think i should say something. I bumped into him and i said hi. I knew that he is studying at the same university as me, Binus. He is majoring Design Communication Visual and i'm majoring International Relations. Chit chat for 5 minutes and then i went to the food court (i bought Bakmi GM for sure, hungry).

I saw several people who recognize me but refused to said hi. Maybe they were a bit shy. So they just smiled at me.


Good luck and God Bless!


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