Monday, April 20, 2015

Margareta Vania Interviewed FreakBoy

My project interview with the new comer internet sensation, FreakBoy!
Amateur Stunt and Comedy Group named FreakBoy. FreakBoy members are Levty Auriga, Rafi Farhan, Juan Bio One, Raza Farhan, Fahrizal Mahwarid (Ichal), Marfred Ferdinandus (Nyonk), Musa Joshua, and Don Lucianno (Jose). Maybe some of you (Indonesian) already knew some of them from national television stations. For example Levty Auriga and Bio One played roles at local tv series named Monyet Cantik 2 (you can search that information from youtube) and etc. Rafi Farhan also played a role for Coboy Junior Hanya Kamu 2 (tv series). The other members are pretty much busy as well, some of them do work or study at the university/junior high/ senior high.
The unique thing is : they are getting inspired from American famous stunt and comedy group called Jackass. Maybe, that's why i easily see that they put some strong concepts behind and give some twists into their videos. Basically, they come to give us new unique / fresh image for Indonesia's media influencers.
The complete interview is going to be uploaded as soon as possible via my youtube channel. By the way, let's watch their vol. 1 - introduction video. But please do not try this at home if you are not brave enough to do these extreme or crazy challenges / stunts. Do not forget to subscribe!
I wanna watch their vol. 2 - 4 videos, but those videos are going to be uploaded if they reach viewers target (15.000 views). Well, better you help them to reach that target. Because the Vol. 2 - 4 videos are going to come with greater concept and video editing skill.
I think, i never find this kind of freaky and weird group in Indonesia. Especially because they got inspired by Jackass. Pretty shocking. I need to appreciate their efforts. I felt surprised when i first visited their base camp, they suddenly explained about their efforts to made every single challenge only for one episode. (they actually have strong concepts behind every single thing.)

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Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. can't wait for your post with the full interview Margie! miss you lots :*

    Pudding Monster