Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Polette x Margareta Vania : Epic Sunglasses with Minus Lenses

Butterfly (Upside) and Elegance (Downside )

Woohoo! Another fashion related post is now here! Long time no see guys,.. I have 5 days for break, so that's why i have time for blogging a little bit. You probably don't know yet that i have minus at my both eyes. It's being a such huge problem for me to search sunglasses with minus lenses. Why? Because not all optics here and even sunglasses online stores provide a great service for aviator or huge fashionable sunglasses minus lenses. But this is the interesting thing to know that once again Polette already saved my day.

Let me show you how to order your minus lenses for glasses or sunglasses by following these step by step,...


Now your own prescriptions are being recorded by Polette. So next time you want to change it, you easily can do change it. Usually, i see my own prescriptions that i got from my doctor. If you don't know yet about your own prescriptions, i suggest you to check your eyes condition first.

Now, i am not going to feel that i'm blind. Especially when i want to wear my sunglasses because for real, i can't see everything clearly without my glasses. I really afraid to use contact lenses, this is going to be my great solution for all of you who feel the same as me. 

I ordered Elegance on February 19th 2015, but bad thing happened that i didn't complete my prescription yet. Glad, that a person from Polette sent me an email to teach me about the "Pupilary Distance" and told me to complete my prescription. After that, i ordered Butterfly on March 27th 2015. I waited at least one-two months until the packages arrived to my place (which is too far away because Polette sent my packages via SwissPost).

After you read all of those things above,... now, are you feeling great to know about Polette? 

Have a great luck and i hope you find the perfect glasses or sunglasses for your eyes.


Good luck and God Bless!


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