Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fashion Inspiration : Vanessa Hudgens [Hippie / Boho Style]

Last time, i wrote about Fashion Inspiration was all about Emma Watson, Park Shin Hye, and Soyeon x JiYeon from T-ara. I never talk that much about Hippie or Boho fashion style. As you know, Vanessa Hudgens' is being so sensational with her up to date Hippie or Boho fashion style. So now, i am going to talk more and give my thoughts on her outfits. These outfits are being my newest favorites of the month :

Hippie x Chic Princess

She is wearing a grean earth colored kimono and combining it with an amazing sheer dress. I am falling in love at the first sight with this outfit number one. Love that sheer dress. I love the idea when she is combining it with kimono and also wedge boots. Her sunglass also looks so chic. The outfit is actually pretty simple, but there are some pattern details on her kimono and her dress. Those are giving us more than less.


Hippie and Chic Princess No. 2

She is wearing a black crop top with no sleeve and ruffle details. The smart way to combine or mixandmatch her minimal look crop top with a bodycon floral skirt (Minimal + floral pattern = so good). She is using black as her basic color for this outfit. Fedora and gold minimal accessories are being good companions as well.


Brown Boho Outfit 

The main basic color for this outfit is earth brown color, i don't know how describe it but many people call this earth-y color outfit. Personally, this is not my style at all because if i am wearing this outfit in my country, it's not really connecting to the local weather. Brown colored outfit is going to be perfect with silver accessories. So she gets the point here.


Festival Look

If some people are wearing this outfit and they are not as cool as Vanessa, well i can't guarantee that you can look good with this entire thingy on your body. Because she is wearing not only one element of color here. She has a red flower crown on her head, orange look sunglasses, silve x gold accessories, blue shorts, white long outerwear, and tribal pattern backpack. The key to look amazing with so many stuffs on your body as her is definitely confident and your makeup is being a most important key as well. Natural makeup is going to tone down your entire look.


Bohemian Festival  Look No. 1

I really love her top and washed out blue shorts. Love how the way she brings the knitted crop top to the whole next level. She is winning it with the bohemian accessories on her hair, wrist, and arm. Plus love that handmade looking necklace. Natural makeup and put some beads on your cheek bones. I'm just wondering if she's just wearing that top with the washed out blue jeans shorts. What would happen to her festival look, not bohemian at all? Probably. But still, she is amazing because she is Vanessa Hudgens. if i am wearing that outfit, duh..probably some of you are bashing my off already. lol


Bohemian Festival Look No. 2

Another outfit that i like. I love her crop top and he short so much. There are so many online stores are selling this outfit already because of her. Especially when the Coachella 2015 was on trend. Even people in Indonesia are following her style when they want to go to the local music festival. Weird but come on, i admit that this is such a minimalistic and comfortable outfit to wear. Yes, it's still bohemian and chic at the same time. Her flower crown, makeup, and classic Ray Ban sunglasses are such our goals right now. Need em in our collection girls?


What do you think? Do you love her style?
Personally, i have love and hate relationship with this fashion style. I do love kimonos, but i often pair it with monochrome outfits and cut out boots. So far away to turning myself to be a bohemian princess same as Vanessa Hudgens. LOL


Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. I love Vanessa's boho style <3 And she's gorgeous <3
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  2. Her style is good but this is not my style at all. Haha

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  3. I love her style! When I think of Coachella she's the face that comes to my head haha

    Tons of kisses!

    Walk a million miles



  4. Vanessa always can pull boho style effortlessly. I always curious how and what item she will wear on Coachella :p

    following your blog with GFC now, check out mine :)

    Love, Leonita

  5. Couldn't agree more! I love her boho style so bad !

  6. i'm not into boho style but she is sure unique with this kind of style!

    Pudding Monster