Monday, May 25, 2015

My Journey in Jakarta - Our Little Joy at Nanny's Pavillion Garden

My order at Nanny's Pavillion :

Dad's Favorite Fries
(Rp 39.000,-)
French Fries, covered up with melted Mozarella Cheese, and filled with chopped meats.

Fresh Strawberry Juice 
(Rp 35.000,-)

Endy's order at Nanny's Pavillion :

Nannys Pavillon: Ceciles Salmon Baked Rice

Covered up with melted cheese, grilled salmon, and mayo.

Lisa's order at Nanny's Pavillion :

Hubert Salmon Paquet

Fresh salad consists of red lettuces, celeries, mushroom filled with chopped vegetables dipped in cheese, some baby tomatoes, a few thick slices of grilled salmon and soft golden crepe underneath.

Fresh Lemonade


Nanny's Pavillion

Central Park Mall, West Jakarta

Theme : Garden

On Satuday, I went to Central Park Mall (my ultimate favorite mall to visit) for a meetup with my 2 friends, Endy and Lisa. As always, i mentioned about them a lot here at my blog. We decided to got some quick late lunch. Because i was raving a lot about Fries with melted cheese, so Lisa recommended me to go to Nanny's Pavillion. That was not my first time. I already visited this restaurant more than twice. I already tried their pasta, some snacks, and even some heavy meals from their menu. 

I definitely recommend those delicious ultimate fries to you guys. So good. The mozarella cheese is enough for me, but you can ask for some extra cheese which is parmesan cheese. But Endy's meal was not really taste that good. The mayo was taste a bit weird. I couldn't explain a bit more because i was focusing on my own meal and my fresh amazing strawberry juice. About Lisa's meal, it was also quite good. I tried to eat some baby tomatoes and tried the smooth textured crepe from Lisa's plate, lol. 

After all the place interior is way too good. Yea, i know it's not having the same feeling as "having lunch at the real garden". I need to admit the effort to design and decorating the whole space to be beautiful as a real garden. But please guys, you need to improve the comfort level of this restaurant. The place's kinda hot and we even couldn't feel the AC. 


  1. These meals look so appetizing! Awesome pictures!


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