Saturday, June 27, 2015

Random : 2nd year Projects in International Relations Dept. Binus University

I posted a blog post last year about my 1st year experience as International Relations student. Now, it's about time to posting about my 2nd year experience as International Relations student. Times go really fast, don't you think the same as me?
Those pictures above were taken probably last month. It was Binus Festival 2015 event at my campus. Especially we made a innovation and brand new idea for entrepreneurship career. The main idea is about promoting local foods from Indonesia to other countries to South East Asia. We thought about promoting "Dadar Gulung Aneka Rasa" with amazing unique flavors combined Indonesia's local ingredients in the market and other countries' famous ingredients from their markets. But suddenly our lecturer said that it must be a non profit business. We finally made up our mind together and decided to did presentation about "". A website about culinary travel in South East Asia. The website is going to be promote culinary places and unique foods from all countries in SEA (ASEAN). Nice huh? 
We did such an amazing job in booth presentation and speaking presentation. Even some lecturers and people praised our idea a lot. I think, It must be done in that way. I worked over night to design everything from concept, logo, and etc. Even my friends helped me by made the company profile and some properties. 
We do have more than 14 final projects and finally I'm done with those things. Praise the Lord. I'm stressed out a lot. Can you imagine 2 weeks before the 4th semester final examination week, there are 14 projects waiting there? Binus is kinda crazy.
By the way, I got 2 video or short movie projects. The first one, It's a conversation video in Chinese. Even tho, I'm not really enjoy speaking in Chinese but at least I already tried my best. The second video was being made for International Communication and Multiculturalism lecture. It's about NWICO (New World Information and Communication Order). It was a program from UNESCO (1970s - 1980s) to counterbalance the broadcasting mass media. As you know, even until now the broadcasting mass media is being dominated by the core countries or high developed countries. So the program is not going to work for nowadays or current era. Interesting topic, isn't it?
I took International Media as my concentration in International Relations major. I'm hoping that I can reach high GPA again for my 2nd year in this major. Wish me luck!

Good luck and God Bless!


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