Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Yin Yang Kimono

Yin Yang Kimono - Cocraparis, Crop Top and A Line skirt - Fashionette Room, Snapback - Supercrew ID, Sunglass - Polette, Socks - UNIQLO, Shoes - Adidas Superstar 2

Yes, another new fashion post. Thank you Lisa for helping me to take some photos at Central Park yesterday. Also thank you for Polette Indonesia who sponsored me. 

I bought the kimono last month. I already wore it two times and yesterday was the first time to wore it for a blog photoshoot with Lisa. It's kinda expensive only for a single printed kimono but what ever, I like it. It was coming from Bali, a local brand named Cocraparis. The online shop owner is also a famous fashion blogger from Bali, named Collin Paris. 

Special thanks as well for Supercrew ID for sponsored the hat. I AM FALLING IN LOVE WITH THIS SNAPBACK ever since the package was arrived at my home. I rarely use printed snapback but I definitely can use this snapback more often!



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