Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Beauty Review : Vanity Tour 2015 - 화장대 공개 2015

Hello everyone! I am back again with another youtube videos. Yes, I've been productive lately. I am going to upload new videos maybe every week / at least once a week. People send me a lot of requests lately via, I feel really glad to see all of your responses.

By the way, the main thing about this video is showing my vanity or beauty spot in my small room. My room is not big or not even too small, the size just enough for me. That's the reason why I need to figure something out about how organizing my stuffs. This is not a makeup video because I never feel happy about my makeup products set up and any single thing (I am such a perfectionist). I stay in 2 different places, in my parents' apartment + house. I need to think how separate my favorite makeup products into two places at the same time. 

If you're thinking about "seeing a lot ... a lot of makeup products" well,.. you are probably wrong. But I do have more than average people who usually do have. I have tons of beauty products and extras in my beauty closet.

Details :
> Acrylic Organizers are coming from here! (small one : $25 & larger one : $57)
> Jars are coming from a random antique stores in Jakarta.
> Furnitures are mostly coming from IKEA.
> Most of my products are coming from Korean Makeup brands.

Good luck and God Bless!


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1 comment:

  1. Thankyou for sharing it! Probably ill try to manage my make up corner like yours, sad that I always feel lazy to start even clean that corner first, its hard to leave it clean all week for me so i kinda leave it messed all that way (duh :"D)

    btw I have checked 'shop your wardrobe' link, and sad that I found one item of yours that I wanted to buy but already sold out! hope youll update another item of yours you wanted to sale!)